My Summer Car: How to Save Your Game

Here's how to save your game in My Summer Car.

Here's how to save your game in My Summer Car.

My Summer Car is a simulation game in Steam Early Access that lets you build a car from the ground up and drive around rural Finland, engaging in various activities in your travels, such as running errands for neighbors, delivering firewood, selling moonshine, and emptying septic tanks. But how do you save your progress, making sure the ride of your dreams (aka money-maker) doesn’t hit the digital scrap yard? 

Building cars can cost a pretty penny, both monetarily and in terms of time investment, and you don’t want to lose either. The game doesn’t tell you how to conserve your hard-earned progress for later sessions, which has confused some players. 

My Summer Car Saving Explained


Following the crude and hilarious humor of the game, you have to literally go to the bathroom to save your game. Yup: you have use the toilets in your house or outhouse to retain your progress. Simply find a toilet, look down into the bowl, and save! 

That wraps up this short-and-sweet guide for saving in MSC. Need more help with the game? Check out the rest of our My Summer Car guides for tips on how to build the best car you can and have a nineties-tastic summer. 

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