Increasing your inventory size is easy but a little bit overlooked in My Time at Sandrock. Here's what you need to know.

My Time at Sandrock: How to Increase Backpack Inventory Space

Increasing your inventory size is easy but a little bit overlooked in My Time at Sandrock. Here's what you need to know.

My Time at Sandrock can be a bit of a grind. You’ll spend a lot of time collecting materials to craft other materials, tools, and diagrams. Though you start with 29 backpack slots, it quickly becomes apparent that your starting inventory space just isn’t enough to carry everything you need without having a doctorate in inventory management. 

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Increasing your inventory space is actually pretty easy. There’s even a quick tutorial on how to do it during your first few days in Sandrock. However, it’s very easy to miss. Here’s how to get more backpack slots: 

  • Open your inventory.
  • Click the plus (+) sign in the very last slot.

A small menu will pop up asking how many slots you’d like to add based on the number of Gols you currently have. It costs 10 Gols to add one inventory slot for the first 11. That cost increases with subsequent additions: 

  • 20 Gols for 12 through 21 slots.
  • 50 Gols for 22 through 31 slots.
  • 100 Gols for 32 through at least 34 slots.

I’m not sure how many extra spaces you can add in total, but you can add at least 34; since Gols are a bit hard to come by, I haven’t spent them all on inventory space to find out.

However, it is clear that this Gol to space ratio is based on the total number of slots you have in your inventory. You cannot buy 11 slots for 10 Gols a piece and then buy another 11 at 10 Gols a piece. You will always pay 20 Gols starting at the 12th slot; 50 at the 22nd; and so on.

As you work your way through the Knowledge Tree, you can unlock Storage Knowledge (must unlock Yard Knowledge first). Both levels of this skill decrease the cost of purchasing new backpack slots by 5% each for a total decrease of 10%.

It’s also worth pointing out that each page of your inventory can house 40 slots before it moves over to a new page. You can flip through pages by clicking the blue arrow on the far right side of the screen once you’ve accumulated your first 40 slots.

With all of that knowledge and more inventory space, you won’t have to travel back to your workshop and storage crates as much. For more tips, head over to our guides page for My Time at Sandrock.

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