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My Time at Sandrock: How to Win Sparring Matches

Slash and punch your would-be pals in My Time at Sandrock.

Beat up various townsfolk so you can earn their respect and build strong relationships. Does that make sense? Well, it certainly does, as we discuss how to win sparring matches in My Time at Sandrock.

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How to Win Sparring Matches in My Time at Sandrock

To win sparring matches in My Time at Sandrock, you need to deftly dodge or block your opponent’s attacks, then break their guard to deal more damage. This particular gameplay mechanic is unlocked early on in the campaign once you meet Pen, the self-proclaimed hero and protector of the village. From that point onward, you should see the sparring option when talking to certain NPCs.

Best Weapons to Use for Sparring

Four weapons are available when you choose to start sparring matches in My Time at Sandrock. These include Stone Spear, Stone Sword, Stone Daggers, and the Stone Sword and Shield. I personally prefer the Stone Sword and Shield due to its versatility. This gear combination allows me to block attacks with the shield while also striking my foe whenever I see an opening.

Another decent option is the Sword Sword, which is actually a greatsword or two-handed weapon. Although the attack animations are fairly slow, they deal tremendous damage. However, I certainly had to avoid getting hit.

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Combat Controls When Sparring

When fighting an opponent, there are a few controls that you need to remember:

  • Left click: Attack
  • Right click: Dodge
  • Space: Jump
  • Q: Block
  • Middle mouse button: Toggle target lock

The controls themselves are fairly self-explanatory, but you need to keep in mind that most other NPCs have devastating moves. Ideally, you should dodge whenever you see your foe’s attack animation wind up, with blocking as a last resort (assuming you’re using the Stone Sword and Shield combo). As an aside, dodging uses up stamina pips seen at the bottom of your screen, so try to press the dodge button only when necessary.

Now, when you do see an opening, try to hit your opponent with several swings to break through their defenses. This will stun them momentarily, allowing you to follow up with more strikes. Should you win, you’ll even gain some bonus relationship points, which is great in case you’re planning to romance or befriend a character.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to win sparring matches in My Time at Sandrock. Since we’re already talking about minigames, you might want to learn about how to win Critters card games, too. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Sandrock guides hub.

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