My Time at Sandrock: How to Win the Critters Minigame

Rely on a bit of luck when choosing cards in My Time at Sandrock.

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Minigames abound as you try to help a town in the wilderness, and maybe you’ll even make a few friends along the way. Our guide discusses how to win Critters matches in My Time at Sandrock.

How to Win the Critters Minigame in My Time at Sandrock

To win in Critters in My Time at Sandrock, you need to be mindful of the cards that you’ll use against your opponent. This minigame is unlocked fairly early in the campaign, and you should see the option appear when you talk to various NPCs.

Critters Card Rules

The My Time at Sandrock Critters minigame is fairly straightforward. There are cards with animals drawn on them. You and your opponent place cards four times in succession, with the winning card in each round adding a point. The player with the highest score after four rounds wins the match.

Here are the cards that you need to take note of:

  • Fox beats Cat.
  • Cat beats Mouse.
  • Mouse beats Elephant.
  • Elephant beats Fox and Cat.
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Critters Card Priorities

I personally think that the AI is cheating at Critters in My Time at Sandrock. And, no, I’m not even kidding. There were instances when it was as though I’d mouse over a card before selecting it and, miraculously enough, my opponent would pick the one that could counter it.

I digress. Point is, the Critters card game is mostly about luck. However, a good idea is to prioritize the Elephant card whenever you have one. It beats both the Fox and the Cat, so all you need to watch out for is the Mouse (assuming your opponent chooses that).

From there, your next good bets are the Fox or the Mouse. Lastly, the Cat is a risky play since both the Elephant and Fox can trounce it.

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Critters Win, Loss, and Draw Rewards

You can play up to three Critters matches against most human townsfolk every day, so I suggest maximizing your opportunities. Here are the relationship points that you can earn:

  • Win: +5 points
  • Draw: +3 points
  • Loss: +1 point

Three consecutive wins will net you +15 points, which certainly help boost your standing. In turn, you should be able to befriend or romance certain characters.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to win at Critters in My Time at Sandrock. Since we’re already discussing minigames, you might want to learn about how to win sparring matches, too. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Sandrock guides hub.

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