NBA 2K21 is out on next-gen consoles, and there's a new Mayor feature to boot. Here's all you need to know about it.

NBA 2K21 Mayors: How They Work

NBA 2K21 is out on next-gen consoles, and there's a new Mayor feature to boot. Here's all you need to know about it.

NBA 2K21 is out for next-gen consoles right now and it has kicked things off with an incredible bang. With so much more to learn to work with, players have a ton of questions. For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players, one of the biggest questions is what the purpose of mayors is.

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What are mayors in NBA 2K21?

One of NBA 2K21’s new features is the mayor. That being said, the mayor is only one part of a larger invention. The overarching new feature to the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 is The City.

The City

The City is made of four different boroughs that each have their own affiliation, a returning feature that many NBA 2K fans will recognize. The affiliations are North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Beasts of the East and the Western Wildcats.

Filled with fun activities and fellow players, The City and its four comprising boroughs provide an MMORPG-like experience for fans to enjoy. Commanding each borough’s affiliation, the democratically elected mayors offer an entertaining representation for their multiplayer constituents.

NBA 2K21’s democratically elected mayors explained

Mayors are real people, with one representative assigned to each affiliation. Elected by the members of their chosen affiliation, these borough representatives are tasked with a series of game-enhancing responsibilities.

  • Music playlists: Mayors are responsible for deciding what music plays throughout the entire region of their affiliation. It’s important to vote for a mayor that you believe has a great taste in music.
  • Court design: Each borough has its own courts that players can enjoy. However, they are not all the same. Mayors are responsible for designing each court within their region.
  • Uniform design: Nothing brings a team together, or sets affiliations apart, quite like a good uniform. And, each borough’s mayor will be in charge of making sure those uniforms pop.
  • Video production: There are several jumbotrons scattered across The City. The footage that plays on each boroughs’ jumbotrons will be curated personally by their representing mayors.
  • Messaging: There will also be in-game polls and various messaging that can be found within The City’s menu system.

Of course, mayors are not permanent. An election will be held every six weeks within NBA 2K21. Each affiliation member will be given the opportunity to vote for their mayoral representative, bringing a new flavor of entertainment to The City each election season.

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