Here are all Ronnie 2K locations in NBA 2K23, including overall ratings and rewards.

NBA 2K23: All Ronnie 2K Locations

Here are all Ronnie 2K locations in NBA 2K23, including overall ratings and rewards.

Every NBA 2K23 player needs to find Ronnie 2K, an NPC who grants players free rewards once they reach a certain OVR (overall rating). There are four milestones in the Ronnie 2K quest: 65 OVR, 75 OVR, 88 OVR, and 90 OVR. Each time you reach a new milestone, you can meet Ronnie 2K in a different location.

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Our guide will show you all Ronnie 2K locations in NBA 2K23, including a list of rewards he grants you every time you meet and talk to him.

North Side Knights (65 OVR)

Once you reach 65 OVR, head over to the North Side Knights station, and go to the spot indicated by the red marker on the map above for an exact meeting location just outside the station.

After a brief conversation, he will give you the “Ronnie 2K & Sophie” t-shirt.

West Mall Station (75 OVR)

Hop onto the West Mall Station and enter the mall just north of the fast travel spot. Enter the mall and find Ronnie 2K by the entrance on the spot indicated by the marker.

This time Ronnie 2K will unlock an ability that allows you to set up your own spawn location, which is a much more useful reward than a t-shirt.

North Station (88 OVR)

At 88 OVR head over to the North Station and look out for Ronnie 2K in front of the 2K Sports headquarters building, indicated by the marker above.

This time he will grant you another ability, which allows you to play shirtless in the City.

South City Vipers (90 OVR)

The fourth and final spot can be found just outside the Vipers Station in the southwestern part of the map. You can meet Ronnie 2K right in front of the South City Vipers entrance.

The last reward grants you the Rebirth ability, which allows players to create a new player with all previously earned quest rewards, up to 25 badge points, and an opportunity to get to 90 OVR.

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Those are all Ronnie 2K locations in NBA 2K23. Be sure to check out the rest of NBA 2K23 tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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