NBA 2K24: Best Speed for Shot Timing Visual Cues

Determining which Shot Timing Visual Cue speed is right for you in NBA 2K24.

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Timing your shot in NBA 2K24 is extremely important. A poor release could be the difference between a triumphant victory and a heartbreaking defeat. But unlike past NBA 2K installments, timing a shot isn’t a static action. You can fine-tune this function’s speed and responsiveness to your liking. Here’s everything you need to know for choosing the best speed for your Shot Timing Visual Cues in NBA 2K24.

Best Speed for Shot Timing Visual Cues in NBA 2K24

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To select a speed for the NBA 2K 24 Shot Timing Visual Cues, you’ll have four options to choose from. To find these options, you must first visit the Options menu, then select Shot Timing Visual Cue Settings. There, you’ll find the four following options:

  • Release: This will cause your visual cue to be at the very moment the ball rolls off of your player’s fingers.
  • Push: The visual cue timing will be at the point where your player begins to motion the shot, right before it leaves their hand.
  • Set Point: This visual cue speed will be right before your player begins to push the shot.
  • Jump: This one requires you to release your shot at some point between the initial jump and the set point.

What is the Best Shot Timing Visual Cue?

Now that we know what these options are, it’s time to determine which of these is best for you.

  • As far as animations go, Release is the most straightforward. It will always be at the last possible second of whatever shot you’re using. However, it will change depending on whose shot animation you’re using.
  • As far as animation speed, Jump is the quickest option available. It doesn’t require you to hold down your analog stick for too long. However, its timing is extremely tricky given the lack of… well, visual cues in comparison to the others.

Despite its ambiguity, I’d say that Jump is the superior option. Even though it seems hard to master, it will ensure that you spend the least amount of time on your right stick and are not so worried about hitting the apex or ending of an animation. So be sure to work on your timing. And if it becomes too hard, Release is always there as a backup option.

Those are our picks for the best Shot Timing Visual Cues in NBA 2K24. For more, such as the best dribble moves, feel free to check out our other NBA 2K24 guides!

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