New World: How to Get a Mount

Mounts have arrived to New World, but how do you get one? Find out here.

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The sprawling MMO New World surprised us all when the game offered no alternative to traveling by foot. It’s been two years since the game’s debut, and a mount system has finally been added. However, getting one isn’t as straightforward as one might hope. You’ll find all you need about how to get a mount in New World here.

How to Get a Mount in New World

Mounts are an expected feature in most MMOs, so it was a bummer when New World omitted them. A mount system is finally available, but you won’t get one in the base game. Here are the steps:

  • Purchase the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.
  • Reach Level 25 to unlock your first mount through a mount-specific quest.

There are currently three mount types in New World — Horse, Wolf, and Lion. Each type has its own requirements to unlock it, so here are all the mount details:

  • Horse Mount
    • Level prerequisite: 25
    • How to unlock: Complete the quest “Change of the Wild.”
    • Quest location: Everfall. Interact with the “Mud Stained Note,” which appears as a horseshoe icon on your map.
  • Wolf Mount
    • Level prerequisite: 45
    • How to unlock: Level up your horse mount.
  • Lion Mount
    • Level prerequisite: 65
    • How to unlock: Level up your horse and wolf mounts.
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How to Level Mounts in New World

The arrival of mounts has brought a new skill — the Riding Trade Skill. I recommend you level up your mounts as often as possible because the added benefits are worth it. You’ll gain Riding XP to level your mounts by completing mount quests or by feeding them. However, all mounts will double your standard sprinting speed, regardless of level. Here are all the rewards for leveling mounts:

  • Increased mount speed for all mounts.
  • Trinket-like items called mount buffs that enhance your mount’s locomotion.
  • Cosmetic customization attachments for your mount. 
  • An upgrade to consumable mount food.
  • A chance to receive special mounts at set levels.

Well, that’s all there is to know about how to get a mount in New World. Check out our NW guides hub here for more tips and tricks for the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.

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