Having trouble completing the Kingmaker Knowledge Trial in Ni No Kuni 2? We've got the full guide for you right here!

Ni No Kuni 2: The Kingmaker Knowledge Trial Guide (Including All Orbs)

Having trouble completing the Kingmaker Knowledge Trial in Ni No Kuni 2? We've got the full guide for you right here!
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Young Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum has some pretty lofty aspirations in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. He wants to rule the entire world! (But in a kind way, not an evil way.) Before he can do that, however, there’s just the small matter of forging a Kingmaker: a task that must be completed before he can rule over so much as a rock.

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And to get a Kingmaker, Evan has to prove his worth in the Trials of Knowledge and Power. The Trial of Power is, as you might imagine, a battle. The Trial of Knowledge, on the other hand, is a puzzle.

The puzzle is simple but difficult to master. You’re placed on a game board made up of squares. To complete each section, you have to activate statues around the board in the correct order, sometimes rotating them according to story clues. Glowing orbs are scattered around the board; these are optional, but collecting them all gets you extra loot on completion. The catch? As you pass each block, it falls away behind you.

The trick is to plan out a path that will take you around to all the orbs and all the statues in the correct order.

Having some trouble? We’ve got you covered! Below are the paths you’ll need to follow in the Kingmaker’s Knowledge Trial in order to complete each section and collect all the orbs along the way.

Ni No Kuni 2 Kingmaker Knowledge Trials Solutions

Part 1:

The story begins with a little boy who finds a magic wand and awakens a fairy. Hmm …

Starting from left-most block:

  • up x2, left x3, up x2 (boy statue)
  • right x2, up (orb), up, right x4 (wand)
  • right, down x2, left, down (turn statue x2)
  • up, left x3 (orb), down, right, down x2, right x2 (fairy)
  • right, up, right, up x5, right (orb)
  • left (end)
Part 2:

The boy goes around gathering companions in the forms of a harpist, a pistolier, and a wizard. Together, the friends defeat monsters. Hey, players of the first Ni No Kuni, is this story starting to sound a bit familiar?

Starting from left-most block:

  • up, left, up (orb)
  • left (harpist)
  • left x3, up, left, up x5, left (orb)
  • left, down (pistolier)
  • right, down, right x2 (wizard)
  • up x2, right x2, down, right (turn statue x2)
  • down x3, right x4, up x2 (orb)
  • up (turn statue x2)
  • up, left x2, down (boy and monsters)
  • down x2 (end)
Part 3:

Four gates and a giant dragon must be destroyed to save the world. Each companion fells a gate, then the boy and his friends unite for an epic boss battle! The boy finally casts Mornstar, which defeats the evil dragon. The world is saved!

Starting from right-most block:

  • up x2, right x5, down x2, left x2 (wizard)
  • left, up x2, left (turn statue x2)
  • left, up, left x2, down x2, left x2 (turn statue x3)
  • up, left (pistolier)
  • up x2 (turn statue)
  • right x2, up x2, left x3, up x2, left, up x2, right (turn statue x3)
  • right x2, up x2, left x2 (harpist)
  • left x2, down x4, left, down (orb)
  • down, right, down x4, right, down (orb)
  • up x7, right x4 (turn statue)
  • right, down, right x2, up, right x2, down, right, down, right, down x2, right (orb)
  • up, right, up (turn statue x2)
  • left, up (fairy)
  • up, left x2, up x2, left x3, down (turn statue x2)
  • left (boy)
  • left, up x3, right (end)

Once you complete the Trial of Knowledge, you’ll be met with the Trial of Power. Evan is on his own here, but it’s a fairly easy battle.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Kingmaker … even if it isn’t quite what you expected. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all things Ni No Kuni 2!

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