Find out which weapons are the best using our tier list guide for Nier Reincarnation.

NieR Reincarnation Weapons Tier List

Find out which weapons are the best using our tier list guide for Nier Reincarnation.
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Nier Reincarnation offers a massive pool of melee and ranged weapons of various types and elements. The most valuable weapons are the ones that can both buff your allies and debuff your enemies. This guide will provide you with the tier list of the best weapons in Nier Reincarnation.

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Here you will find greatswords, swords, wands, guns, and spears of different elements.You will learn about their biggest advantages and disadvantages, as well as, specific modes where they can be most useful to you and your party. 

Nier Reincarnation S-Tier Weapons

Charcoal Sword

  • Type: Wind Sword

Charcoal Sword is the best weapon to use against bosses, as it has some important debuff effects.

This sword’s strongest point is agility, so if you want to increase your character’s agility by 5.3%, then equip this as your main weapon.

If Charcoal Sword is equipped as your secondary weapon, then it will increase your attack power by 5.3%.

Type 3 Sword

  • Type: Fire Sword

This sword has the highest attack power buff in the game that will increase your character’s attack stat by 10.6%.

It also has the ability to increase the defenses of all allies, as well as, increase your character’s HP by 5.3%.

Black Thirst

  • Type: Darkness Wand

When Black Thirst is equipped in your main weapon slot, it has a 75% chance of inflicting blindness on your enemies.

If you keep it as your secondary weapon, it will buff the attack power of all your allies by 5.3%.

Old Overlord

  • Type: Water Sword

This sword loses its power when you character’s HP drops below 70%, but its power is worth it when you’re above that threshold.

It is advisable to give this sword to a character with high durability and HP.

Usurper’s Spear

  • Type: Fire Spear

This spear is the best for character of the fire element, as it increases the power of the fire damage and critical hits.

A2 would be great choice of character for this spear besides her own greatsword.

Nier Reincarnation A-Tier Weapons

YoRHa Style Steel Sword

  • Type: Darkness Sword

This is the favorite sword of many Nier Reincarnation players due to its high base attack power and very useful attack buffs.

It is also one of the few weapons that increases agility in the game.

White Deal

  • Type: Light Greatsword

Light element isn’t as strong as fire or water, but this is definitely the strongest light sword in the game.

It can buff the attack power and agility of all your allies for 10 seconds, which is enough to execute some powerful combos.

Black Clan

  • Type: Darkness Greatsword

This is the weapon that was designed for cooperative play, as it works especially well in a team of fire element characters by buffing their attack power.

Knowledge Wand

  • Type: Wind Wand

This wand has two opposite effects. First, it can be used to stun all enemies, and second, it can recover all allies by 8%.

This would be a great weapon to have during harder quests.

Type 40 Tactical Sword

  • Type: Light Sword

If Type 40 sword is equipped in the main weapon slot, then it will gain the ability to stun damaged enemies.

In the secondary slot, it will buff your combo skills and increase their damage output by 10.7% for 60 seconds.

Nier Reincarnation B-Tier Weapons

Outlaw Gun

  • Type: Darkness Gun

This is currently the best gun in the game, although its damage output is not as high as that of melee weapons.

It can buff your allies with 5.3% attack power.

Arbitrage Pistol

  • Type: Wind Gun

This is a great main weapon for Arena mode. If you equip it on your main slot, it will increase your agility by 5.3%.

It can also increase your attack power, but only by 4.6%.

Black Spear

  • Type: Darkness Spear

The damage dealt by Black Spear is directly connected to the level of your character’s HP. If it drops below 60%, then the damage output will be increased by 8%.

However, this darkness element weapon has a drawback of inflicting self poison when it is equipped in the main slot, so be careful with it.

Those are the best weapons in NieR Reincarnation. Check out more Nier Reincarnation tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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