A new version of Nioh has already arrived to fix various bugs and resolve freezing issues.

Nioh Patch 1.02 Update Arrives: Are You Having Trouble Installing It?

A new version of Nioh has already arrived to fix various bugs and resolve freezing issues.

After the initial 1.01 patch released on the day of launch, now a mere two days later a second update has arrived — the Nioh 1.02 patch.

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Oddly, the notes for this version are incredibly sparse, and sadly Team Ninja hasn’t bothered to release anything in English yet. A translation states the patch “fixed various troubles” with the only specific being a freezing bug preventing players from completing the game.

At 400MB it’s not a huge update, but it seems likely something other than just a single freeze was tweaked. Players are currently speculating there have been balance tweaks on certain boss fights (that third one in particular was nuts, but had some nerfed ways to breeze through).

Have you noticed any specific changes yet? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll update this article with specifics when Team Ninja makes them available.

Trouble Downloading 1.02 Update

Not everyone is getting in on the updated hack ‘n slash fun though, as many users are getting a 403 error when trying to download the patch. You might get any of these messages about error occurring on the server:

  • (HTTP Status Code: 403)
  • (CE-40851-8)

According to an update on the Playstation forums, this issue should now be resolved as of the evening of 2/9, and the update should automatically install. If it doesn’t, perform a full shut down and then power back up to get the 1.02 update downloading.

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