The 10 levels of this mini-game get increasingly more difficult as you battle a horde of spiders with limited resources.

Observer: Guide to the Fire And Sword Spiders Mini-Game

The 10 levels of this mini-game get increasingly more difficult as you battle a horde of spiders with limited resources.

Offering a little respite from the relentless dreariness and bleak surroundings in dystopian horror entry Observer, your cybernetically augmented detective can take some time out from investigating horrible murders to play the mini game With Fire And Sword: Spiders

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Each level gets progressively harder as you master staying one step ahead of an endless stream of hungry spiders. Waiting at the end of each level is a princess and her gold-dependent affections!

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Basic With Fire And Sword: Spiders Strategy

There are a couple of basics to keep in mind for solving the puzzles on your own if you don’t want a step-by-step walkthrough. First and foremost, spiders only move when you move, and it’s a 1-to-1 ratio. In other words: The game isn’t real-time, and you can stop and figure out your next move before you make it.

Second, and almost as important, is that when spiders collide, they stack together on the same square instead of making a chain. It’s the spider equivalent of a rat king, with all of them getting tangled up together (eww, gross).

This is critical, though, because there are far too many spiders to kill with fire swords — since using a sword removes it from your inventory — so your strategy should revolve around forcing spiders onto the same tile so they combine.

Finally, remember that you can reach the princess without grabbing all the coins, but that won’t actually finish the level. There’s no doubt she’s a gold digger, because if you show up empty handed, there’s no princess love to be found.

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 1 Solution

For this first level, all you have to do is grab the fire sword first, then grab both the coins and approach the spider. As long as you don’t go down the hallway and attract the spider’s attention before grabbing the sword, you can’t really lose.

Level 1

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 2 Solution

Once you figure out the spiders can be lured to take up the same space, this level becomes incredibly easy. Grab the fire sword and then move past the first spider — but don’t kill it yet! Ignore the gold piece and move up the central tunnel.

Move 1 spot above the middle section to force the three spiders to converge, then move down 1 spot to kill all three spiders at once. From there, grab the second sword in the upper-right corner, nab the final gold coin, kill the remaining spider, and smooch up the princess.

Level 2

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 3 Solution

Grab the first coin, which won’t alert the spider. Lead the first spider left, up, right, and then back down so you can grab the sword while he’s 1 space behind you. Kill the spider and grab the right- and left-hand coins you missed while he was chasing you.

 Leading the 1st spider on a chase

Move up the central tunnel until the next spider gives chase, and repeat the process of going left to force him to follow. Return back up to grab the sword, but don’t kill the spider yet. Instead, move right and then up to force the spider guarding the gold coin to give chase.

Move one to the right toward a gold coin to force the two spiders to occupy the same space, then kill them both. Make sure you don’t go too far right to draw out the third and final spider yet, however. Grab the top coin.

 Luring spiders into position to complete Level 3

With the previous two spiders dead, draw out the top spider and lead him on a merry chase left around the square again. So long as you don’t take any detours, he will remain 1 square behind you until you reach the princess.

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 4 Solution

This one’s tricky and requires a very specific path — thanks to you readers for the tip! First get the attention of the spider guarding the upwards tunnel (the one with the extra sword), then get the attention of the lowermost spider guarding the bottom coin.

Head right and go up around the black square, then down and right towards the princess. She’ll reject you, but that’s OK because we’re not done yet. You should have a ball of spiders that can now be killed by moving one square left, and two spiders left on the board – one above and one below a coin.

Go back and grab the sword and all available coins (but make sure to go up around the black square so the top spider doesn’t kill you). Kill the top spider with the sword, then move down one, which draws the lower spider out. You can now go around any of the black square and get him to chase you 1 square behind. Circle back around to grab the coin and head to the princess.

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 5 Solution

This level is actually simpler than it looks. The secret is that you don’t even need to grab the fire sword and you can ignore all the spiders on the lower half of the map. All you really need to do is avoid one single square.

First, go left and up to draw the attention of the spider in front of the princess. If you don’t do this, you can’t win the level, since we aren’t grabbing the sword.

With that spider in tow, head down the main tunnel and go right, down, and right so that you should have five spiders chasing you in a ball as shown below. Don’t keep going right when you see the next spider. Instead, go down to draw the attention of the spider to the left.

 Loads of spiders giving chase

Head right again to get the lower spider to chase you, then head up the far right-hand tunnel to grab the gold coin. When you reach the intersection where there’s the spider above and to the left, don’t go left — he will reach you in one move every time. 

 Avoid the top spider at all costs!

Instead, go down, then go left. Keep moving left and the finally up. You can nab the final two coins and reach the princess one move ahead of the spider ball.

Level 5


With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 6 Solution

This is another one that seems out of control but isn’t that hard once you’ve got the mechanics down. It does introduce a new mechanic, though — the spider queen, who will chase you once there’s any line of sight (not just 1 square away). However, she will also break off the chase once line of sight is broken.

Grab the coin beneath you, then the coin to the left. This will start the spider queen chasing you (she will kill two spiders on the way to you). After grabbing the coin, move 1 right, then down and left to break line of sight with the queen.

 Breaking line of sight

Go grab all the coins and the sword on the far left side. This will get the queen chasing you again. Don’t panic, just move straight back down after grabbing the top most coin, which will break line of sight.

Head right again and move down toward the lower left section. Here we’re going to do all the spider chases you should be used to. When you hit the intersection, go right and down without getting the left spider’s attention. Grab the coin and move left and then up, which should result in two spiders chasing you.

Don’t kill either of them, but instead go back up to the main intersection with them chasing. Now, head over to the lower right section with the rest of the spiders.

 Moving to the lower right side

First, take the tunnel on the far right side to get three more spiders in the chase ball, then go left and back up the tunnel containing the gold coin — this will get the spider on your left to follow you but will leave the two in the bottom where they are. 

 Spider chases! 

Go up to the central tunnel and then back down the far right side (by the spider hanging out by his lonesome in the longer tunnel segment). Go into the bottom-left square with the coin and get the spider to chase you around the square. You should now have a fire sword and only two coins remaining.

Don’t worry about killing the spiders chasing you. Instead, just go straight for the princess. The queen will chase but can’t catch you if you don’t detour. Kill the spider next to the princess and grab the final two coins for the win.

Completing Level 6

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 7 Solution

Grab the sword and move down, then move back up to force both spiders into a ball and kill two at the same time. Unfortunately, you have to burn through that first sword immediately.

Now move down and grab the second sword, along with one of the two coins peaking out by the spider. Don’t grab the second though, instead lead the spider on a chase back up to the top segment of the maze.

Move up the middle tunnel segment to lure out a spider, then turn left and double back so you have a ball of spiders following. Now circle around again, this time going up the right tunnel to lure the rest of the spiders out. Now head down and lure the three closest spiders all into a ball.

Now circle around the bottom to get those spiders on the chase, and move up the central tunnel on the right side all the way to the top. You’ll have to use your sword to kill the one spider in the way, but its alright because you can grab two more swords immediately and move down a square to kill the huge ball of all the spiders.

At this point there should only be the three spiders next to the princess, so go mop up all the coins. Now use the square segment next to the spiders and go in a circle to lure out the first spider on your first pass and the second spider on your second pass. Don’t bother luring out the third spider – just charge ahead and kill it with the sword. You’ll reach the princess once square ahead of the two chasing spiders.

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 8 Solution

Head left and then go up the right most tunnel in the loop to grab the coins and the sword. You will break line of sight with the queen so don’t worry about her. Now head over to the right side and do the same thing, except move in one square as necessary to grab each coin while making your loop.

       Grabbing coins on the right side

Now head to the lower part of the maze and go right, moving all the way over to the far right coin. The queen will give chase, but should be 1 square away by the time you move back down, letting you kill the second queen while breaking line of sight with the first. Move down the bottom row and grab all the coins there.

Move up the far right side tunnel to draw down the attention of the first spider. Have it chase you in a circle around the black square, which will also draw down the second spider and get the queen running after you again.

When you reach the bottom on your circular run, stay there and move right down the bottom tunnel so the queen ignores you. Head all the way down to the farthest right opening and then move up to the top of the three lower tunnels. Go all the way back to the left, grabbing the coin and bypassing the queen again.

As you move up towards the final coin and spider on the far left tunnel, the queen will kill the spider chasing you, allowing you to move down and kill the queen with the sword. You’ll still have the final spider chasing though, so you need to lead it on a circular chase around the square back up to the princess.

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 9 Solution

This one seems absolutely impossible at first, until you realize you sort of have to play it like a sweeping piano piece, moving from left to right and back left again.

Move right to the second opening, go up two, right two, and down two squares. This will bring one queen chasing down so the queens are all lined up in a one-two, one-two pattern.

With those first four queens lined up by their coins, move right two, up two, and then right to draw the attention of the queen. Next you will move left and then right, and then right and left one square each to draw the two other queens down into the pattern you see below.

Now go up the far right tunnel (the one with the princess) and head left near the top when you can go through the side tunnel with the gold coin. Now head down, left, up, left, down, left, and keep moving left to grab all the coins and the sword.

When you are on the left side tunnel with the queen chasing you, go back up and right to the top most tunnel, then head left and all the way down until you are at the tunnel heading right with all the coins.

Grab the first three coins, then move up and kill the fourth queen and grab the second fire sword. Return down and right to grab the last coin, then move left and kill the queen with your new sword.

Now go all the way down and to the right so you are at the right-most tunnel leading up to the princess. Go up until the normal spider gives chase. Head up any of the middle hallways without a queen in the way and then go all the way back over to the left most tunnel, and all the way back down and to the right. Now you can make a clean path to the Princess with the spider 1 square behind you.

With Fire And Sword: Spiders Level 10 Solution

Stay tuned for the full solution to Level 10! Completing this final puzzle nets you the Noble Sword achievement.

Have you found any other solutions to these puzzles with fewer moves? Let us know in the comments section below!

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