Choose the best forwards an goalies for your team using our tier list guide of the best characters in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers: Best Characters Tier List

Choose the best forwards an goalies for your team using our tier list guide of the best characters in Omega Strikers.

The best characters in Omega Strikers are both good forwards and goalies. Their abilities need to be easy-to-master and easy-to-use in both of those roles. But it turns out that only a handful of characters can really do both of those jobs well.

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Our tier list guide of the best characters in Omega Strikers focuses on both excellent forwards and goalies, and in case a certain character is better in one of these roles, then it is explicitly mentioned below.

S-Tier Characters


Asher is excellent as both a forward and a goalie. All of her abilities can be utilized to a great extent within any match-up and role.

As a forward, she is extremely aggressive, especially with her Breakthrough and Pathsplitter abilities that allow her to knockout and trade with opponents like no other forward in the game.

As a goalie, Asher can be a bit slow, but if you apply her Arc Beam ability, then opponents have no chance of getting through her due to its wide and heavy effect. That’s when her knockbacks can be very useful, too.

Overall, this is the best and most universal character in Omega Strikers as of now.


Drek’Ar is another highly effective character that has one of the best abilities in the game, Xeno Cloak, which allows him to become invisible.

But that’s not his only advantage, as he can hit really hard and push forward almost unstoppably. That’s what makes him a fantastic forward, especially when using his Lock and Load ability that is charged from the get-go and ready to take away the ball from any opponent.

Drek’Ar can also be a terrific goalie, as his Molten Bolt skill is ranged and can keep away any enemy forward from getting anywhere near him.

A-Tier Characters


Dubu is heavy, which makes him a great forward and goalie, but it also makes him slow, and there is no getting around that.

Still, Dubu can push forward like no other character with the help of his Somerassault ability, which is AoE that stuns all opponents and stops the ball, allowing him to capture the initiative on the field.

As a goalie, he can place traps and walls, using his Bamboozle and Tofu Fortress skills, preventing opponents from getting too close to him.


Estelle is a very strong character that requires a little bit more skill on the side of the player, if you want her to play well.

She is primarily a sniper, who can control the ball from a distance, which is possible due to her sniping ability Piercing Shot. But her biggest advantage is the Rose Warp teleport skill that allows her to traverse the field in any way necessary. When combined, these two make Estelle one of the best forwards in the game.

Those same skills can be used in her role as a goalie, but remember that controlling Estelle is not a walk in the park.

B-Tier Characters


Juliette is a one-trick-pony, but her one trick is considerable, as it allows her to easily knock almost any opponent off the map regardless of stagger using her Fiery Fist ability.

She is a decent forward, but she can be a great one, if you manage to Flame Flurry your opponent to the edge of the field and knock them off. Unfortunately, she isn’t as good of a goalie as the rest of the characters.

But if you need to put that ball into the goal, Juliette can be a great choice.


Just like Juliette, Kai has one solid trick, which is his speed of movement, but the rest could be better, especially trading.

His speed ability Blazing Pace can be well utilized in both roles of a forward and a goalie. He can quickly get the ball to the opponent’s goal, an he could easily cover the entire range of his own goal.

Of course, it takes a lot more than speed to win games in Omega Strikers, but Kai can be a good teammate for sure.


Although X’s attacks are quite heavy, the time needed to activate them can really cause some lost opportunities.

But if he hits, then he hits hard, using his Bull Rush ability, especially if you buff it up with his X Maximus skill.

But once again, if he misses, which is very much possible against a skilled team, then there isn’t much you can do about it.

X’s kit isn’t exactly conducive to being a good goalie, though.

Those are the best characters in Omega Strikers. If you were looking for tips on how to save training loadouts in Omega Strikers, then follow he provided link.

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