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Once Human: All Treasure Chest Locations

Here are the locations of all the treasure chests in Once Human.

There are 24 purple treasure chests in Once Human, four per each of the six regions. Often, they’re very well hidden, either inside the buildings or on their roofs, and at times, even floating above them in the air. But our guide will help you find all the treasure chest locations in Once Human with exact map markers.

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All Treasure Chest Locations in Once Human

Blakcheart Region Treasure Chest Locations

The chests in this region can be found in the southwest and northwest of the map at the following locations:

  1. On the riverbank to the north of Sunshine Farm.
  2. On the road to the south of the Sunshine Farm.
  3. On a small island to the east of the White Cliff.
  4. Floating on the side of the road right next to a teleportation tower.

Red Sands Treasure Chest Locations

This region is full of chests hidden inside and on top of the buildings, so pay close attention to these locations:

  1. Climb the ladder inside the 73 Source Extraction Point and follow the path of the glowing purple object.
  2. Look for the glowing purple object floating on the ground north of Evergreen.
  3. On top of the big rig truck north of the Blackfell Oil Fields.
  4. On the roof of the HP Evolution Institute.

Iron River Treasure Chest Locations

To find all chests in the Iron River, be sure to scout mainly the northern part of the region:

  1. On the platform near the scaffolding in the northern part of the Refinery Pollution Plant.
  2. In the water below under the bridge west of East Blackfell Junction.
  3. On the asphalt near the hedges of the northern area of East Blackfell Junction.
  4. Floating high up in the air above the Ricci Securement Point.

Dayton Wetlands Treasure Chest Locations

When looking for a purple glow in this region, try to reach the chests via the adjacent buildings:

  1. High up in the air near the entrance to the house of Citrus County.
  2. On top of the electrical equipment is north of the Throughville Substation.
  3. Follow the purple glowing points at the base of Inspection Point 3771.
  4. On the roof of the stall in the Sutherland Family Orchard.

Broken Delta Treasure Chest Locations

Note that one of the chests in the Broken Delta will require you to land on the island to the southeast:

  1. On top of the red train car in the Eastern Railway Junction.
  2. Up high outside on the conveyor belt of the Hearst Industries.
  3. Floating in the air near the roof of the Harborside building.
  4. On the eastern beach of the Wild Dog Isle.

Chalk Peak Treasure Chest Locations

Most of the chests in this region are concentrated in its northern and central parts:

  1. On top of the train car in the Furnace Lair.
  2. Follow the purple glow on the outskirts of Holt Town.
  3. On top of the truck at the Inspection Point 266.
  4. In the northern part of the Rotten Saddle.

That’s it for my guide on all treasure chest locations in Once Human. Stay tuned for more OH tips and tricks articles right here.

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