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Once Human Fishing Guide — How to Catch Fish

Get ready to have a relaxing time fishing in Once Human.

After getting a motorcycle and fighting deviants all day, you may want to chill and go fishing to collect some food and rest from all the chaos in Once Human. The game doesn’t have a fishing tutorial, so you may not know how to start your fishing journey. If that’s the case, get ready to learn how to fish in Once Human here.

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Once Human: How to Catch Fish

To start your fishing journey in Once Human, you must gather a few tools and resources. The first and most important of them all is your fishing rod. If you don’t have a fishing rod, we’ll show you how to make one.

How to Make a Fishing Rod

To make a fishing rod, you must have a Supplies Workbench, wood, and copper ingots. After gathering those resources, you must go to the Supplies Workbench and craft a fishing rod. Crafting a fishing rod takes 30 seconds, so you won’t wait too long.

How to Make Bait

Now, you just need to make some bait and find a good spot to start fishing. To make bait in Once Human, go to the Supplies Workbench again and look for the Dough Fish Bait. To make Dough Fish Bait, you must gather corn.

You may find corn nearby, depending on where you set up your camp. If you don’t find corn, you must go to a place near Deadsville. There, you’ll find plenty of corn to make bait. If you want to take as much corn as possible, you must harvest corn around you and wait until the resource spawns again. Plants spawn fast in Once Human, so gathering lots of corn is not a problem.

After returning to your camp, you must go to the Supplies Workbench and craft your Dough Fish Bait. At that point, all you need is a place to start fishing. A shallow water current is not enough to start fishing, so you must go to a shore or a place with a deep body of water to use your fishing rod. If the place you want to fish is not deep enough, a message will appear on the screen explaining that you cannot fish in that spot.

Once you find a good spot, you must equip your fishing rod, press the left mouse button, and hit the R key to equip some bait. If you don’t equip your bait first, another pop-up message will appear, reminding you there’s no bait.

How to Fish in Once Human

After equipping your bait, you must click and hold the left mouse button until a green or red circle appears on the water. Move your mouse until the circle turns green, and release the mouse button so your character throws the hook and bait.

After throwing your hook and bait, you must wait until you catch a fish. Once you do, the gray icon at the bottom of your screen turns blue and tells you to click and hold the left mouse button to reel in the fish.

Fishing on Once Human
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Holding the left mouse button, switch sides to follow which was the fish is pulling. If the fish is pulling to the left, you must move your mouse to the right and vice versa. Once the fish gets close to you, it will stop pulling, and your fishing line will be straight.

At the bottom right side of the screen, there are two bars. One of the bars highlights how close the fish is to being caught or slipping away, and the bottom one highlights if the fishing line is going to break or if it’s loose. If the line is about to break and you haven’t caught the fish yet, you must release the left mouse button for a second and hold it again so the fishing line doesn’t break too fast.

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