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Once Human Tips and Tricks: 10 Essential Tips for Beginners

If you're just starting out in Once Human, make sure to use the following tips and tricks to make your early game easier.

Everyone was a beginner at one point, and we all googled “beginner tips and tricks” at least a couple dozen times in our lives. Getting that essential info before you dive deep into the game can often prove very beneficial! By using the following tips and tricks, you’ll be a Once Human pro in no time.

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Everything You Need to Know When Playing Once Human

Pick up Everything!

Pick up every piece of junk you can find. There’s no such thing as a hoarder in this game. Every single item can and will come in useful at one point or another, so just pick it up! And don’t worry about the carry weight. Items in Once Human weigh remarkably little, which means it’ll take hundreds and even thousands of items before you reach your full capacity.

Create a Surpluss of Sanity Gummies

Sanity in this game works a lot like radiation in the Fallout franchise. In that vein, Sanity Gummies are comparable to RadAway. There are tons of creatures and zones in this game that lower your sanity, some more than others, so make sure to always have at least a few Sanity Gummies on you and always keep a Sanity Gummy stash at home.

Do Your Journey Tasks

Completing journey tasks is the best way to farm experience and Energy Links early on in the game. These are simple tasks like “build a bed,” “disassemble X amount of items,” etc… Not only will these tasks grant you precious resources, but they’ll also help you get accommodated with the game and all it has to offer.

Don’t Waste Ammunition on Mobs

In the early to mid-game, you should try to melee kill all of the mobs scattered around. Ammunition can be quite scarce, especially early on, which is why you shouldn’t waste it on trash mobs. Save it for the boss fights and for enemies that are too dangerous to melee.

Kill Everything You See

Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne! Kill every mob you come across, especially the defenseless ones. This tip sounds psychotic, and it kinda is, but it’s actually a really useful habit to have as it means you’ll have a steady supply of rare resources at all times. Hides, in particular, are really precious and always in demand.

Always do the World Events

Whenever you see a world event pop up, go for it! World events are a great way to acquire unique resources that are hard to acquire otherwise. These resources can later be exchanged at vendors for unique items that can’t be bought with regular currency.

Don’t Forget the Attachments

Weapon mods are great, but attachments are better. They can drastically alter the functionality of your weapon, allowing you to customize your weapon to your exact needs. These can be bought at vendors in exchange for the unique currency we mentioned in the previous tip. Another reason why you should do every event you come across.

Farm Deviants on Other Worlds

If you’re having trouble acquiring a specific deviant in your world, try migrating to another world, and maybe you’ll have more luck catching it there. The game lets you migrate everything you have on yourself whenever you change worlds, which is nice and not just for deviant hunting.

Rush to Unlock the Copper Pickaxe

Acquiring the copper pickaxe should be your #1 priority once you get into the game. It triples your resource income compared to the starting pickaxe, and it makes the collection process a lot faster. There is absolutely no reason why you should wait to unlock it.

Spam Q Everywhere!

There are resources behind every corner, so make sure to hit Q as often as you can. Q is the default button to pulse, which highlights every collectible resource nearby. This is especially useful for finding mysterious chests & weapon chests, which hold the blueprints for all the higher-level weapons and armor.

Those were just some of the essential tips every beginner should know. For more cool tips and tricks, head on over to our Once Human guides hub for the latest advice.

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