Outlast 2 Codex: Finding all Recordings and Documents Part 1

Missing a handful of recordings and clues in the Genesis chapter? Look no further, as we walk you through finding 'em all!

Missing a handful of recordings and clues in the Genesis chapter? Look no further, as we walk you through finding 'em all!

It may not have arrived at Halloween as originally planned, but Spring is as good a time as any to be terrified by Outlast 2 (read our full review)!

While trying to survive in Temple Gate and the surrounding wilderness, there are dozens of locations where you can film recordings or take snapshots of documents to flesh out the story and learn what’s been going on at the “Hillbilly Vatican.”

Many of these are easy to miss, so below we’ve laid out exactly how to find each and every recording and document found from the beginning of the game from objective “Find Lynn” through the objective “Get To The Chapel” before you start trying to turn on the generator to power the elevator.

Of course, there are several achievements / trophies associated with finding all of these Outlast 2 collectibles:

  • The Road To Damascus – Complete 30 Recordings
  • The Apostle Paul – Complete All Recordings
  • Bible Study – Collect 40 Documents
  • Ordination – Collect All Documents

Outlast 2 Genesis Chapter Recording Locations

Recordings 1 and 2: The Jane Doe Story

These are automatically recorded as part of the story during the helicopter scene before actually beginning the game — you can’t miss ’em!

 Recordings 1 and 2

Recording 3: The Wreckage

After jumping down from where you landed following the crash, make your way to the wreckage of the helicopter. Film the crash before approaching to get the first main recording following the prologue.

Recording 3

Recording 4: The Crucified Pilot

Just after the helicopter crash wreckage you’ll see the pilot, minus his skin, nailed to a tree and on fire. The locals aren’t super friendly, as it turns out. Record his body for 10 seconds for this collectible.

 Recording 4

Recording 5: The Impossible Town

Immediately after running through the first canyon section and sliding down a short embankment, Blake will talk about finding a town. Look up towards the moon to get the right angle for this recording.

Recording 5

Document 1: My Dear Sweet Ellie

Go inside the house on the right side of the village and head into the kitchen to find a man who has taken his own life. The document is sitting right on the table.

 Document 1

Document 2: Dear Father

After the previous document, go down the trail where the see the tricycle and a villager will turn and run away from you. On the left side is a house you can enter, and the document is on the table in front of the painting of Knoth.

 Document 2

Recording 6: Remembering The Lost

After the previous document, keep walking down the path until you see the fence with the rocking horse, candles, and dolls. Shoot the fence area to get this recording.

Recording 6

Document 3: Midwife’s Lament

When you go down the wooden stairs into the room with the bloody manger, this document is plainly visible just as you enter.

Document 3

Document 4: Knoth’s Gospel Chapter 8

Immediately after you move the first cart to jump up the broken ladder, check the ground next to the lantern in front of you before turning around to keep moving through the barn. Despite being next to a light source, this one’s really easy to miss if you don’t specifically look down towards the lantern.

 Document 4

Document 5: Visions Come

After the flash of light comes from the sky that makes all the cultists go mad, you have to run through a short pitch black canyon segment leading towards the large church building. Just slightly inside this area you can find the fifth document on the ground.

 Document 5

Recording 7: The Compound

Just after finding the previous document on the ground you pop out and see the huge church with the torches. Just film the tip of the building to get this recording.

Recording 7

Document 6: New Gospels Part 1

After going through the right hand door inside the church you’ll enter a short hallway with decorative wall art. The document is on the desk just underneath the bust of a chimera.

 Document 6

Document 7: Val’s Secret

Downstairs in the prison section, this document is on the floor in a pit with a dead body.

Document 7

Document 8: New Gospels Part 2

After getting the prison key, crawling underneath the cages, and climbing up a short ladder you will enter an apartment complex. Head up the stairs to find the next document on a desk in front of another Knoth painting.

Document 8

Recording 8: Jessica’s Suicide Note

When you enter the Catholic school flashback segment, film the writing on the chalkboard to snag this recording collectible.

Recording 8

Recording 9: Interrogation

After sleeping under the floorboards and watching your benefactor get brutally killed by Marta, break the protruding board and climb up to the main floor and then film the body.

 Recording 9

Document 9: Ethan’s Letter

This is another one that’s easy miss. Right after filming Ethan’s body for the previous recording, check the nightstand next to the bed on the left side of the house before exiting out the door.

Document 9

Recording 10: Crucified Heretics

After crossing the bridge, on your right hand side will be two burning bodies on poles behind a sign. Film the body on the right to get this one.

 Recording 10

Document 10: Knoth’s Gospel Chapter 5

Not far from the burning bodies is a small, dilapidated barn with a broken down wood boat inside. On the right side is a table directly in front of a chair where the next document is located. This barn is found before you walk through the gate to enter the cornfield — if you’ve already crawled under the fence for the corn scene, you’ve gone too far.

 Document 10

Recording 11: Marta

You have to rush to get this one and it is time-sensitive. After the last document, run as fast as you can through the gate towards the end of the path where you can’t go any further. Marta will appear on the left side and walk forward while muttering. You need to film her the entire time as she walks left from right to get this recording. If you are too slow, she will have already left and you’ll miss it.

Recording 11

Document 11: Letter From A Husband

After the corn field segment, walk down a path where there will be stacked tires on your right and a cowering villager ahead of you. Just after that point is a house on the left where a document is on the porch in front of the door.

 Document 11

Document 12: Val’s Journal Part 1

After the second time you have to move a cart to jump up a broken ladder in a barn, move through the hay bales and on your left will be a small wood crate with a chair and a candle. The document is on the crate.

Document 12

Document 13: Temple Gate Anima Cristi

After running down a curving path you will see a large statue of the virgin Mary over to your left. Jump down to examine the statue and you’ll see this document on a bench in front of the statue.

 Document 13

Recording 12: Dead Birds

After the next giant flash of light, a bunch of dead birds will come tumbling out of the sky. Record them on the ground for this segment.

 Recording 12

Recording 13: Cavern Temple

After crawling through the pitch black cave section you will pop out at some sort of pagan temple. Record the statue made out of branches.

Recording 13

Recording 14: The Temple Gate

After squeezing through a tiny rock crack and just before heading out onto a ledge, look across the misty valley towards the town to record this segment.

 Recording 14

Document 14: Val’s Journal Part 3

After you crawl underneath the broken stairs, directly ahead is a desk with red candles and the next document.

Document 14

Document 15: Letter From Val To Knoth

After the previous document, head up two flights of stairs and look for a desk on the left side of the room for the last document found during this objective of the game.

 Document 15

Stay tuned for the next part in the series as we cover the remaining recording segments and documents to be found in Outlast 2!

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