Outlast 2 Codex: Finding all Recordings and Documents Part 2

On the hunt for achievements by finding all the Outlast 2 collectibles? Look no further!

On the hunt for achievements by finding all the Outlast 2 collectibles? Look no further!

While not running for your life or cowering underneath beds and hiding in barrels, camera man Blake can spend some time perusing the beautiful countryside in search of video segments to film and documents to read.

Of course, those videos and documents are sanity-shattering and frequently involve burning heretics alive, but hey, at least there’s something fun to do while vacationing in Temple Gate!

Below we cover how to find all the collectibles from the “Find A Way To Start The Elevator” objective through the “Find A Way Out Of Here” objective that ends the chapter.

If you missed it, Part 1 covering the first collectibles through Recording 14 and Document 15 that can be found here. Four different achievements / trophies come with finding all of the Outlast 2 collectibles, with the first tier starting to unlock at this point of the game if you’ve been following our guides:

  • The Road To Damascus – Complete 30 Recordings
  • The Apostle Paul – Complete All Recordings
  • Bible Study – Collect 40 Documents
  • Ordination – Collect All Documents

Document 16 – Knoth’s Gospel Chapter 6

When you see the skeleton on the cross, turn right and go down the back alley section so you can jump a fence. Turn and look left to see a small, barely visible window at ground level. Open and enter the window and then head through a door to find this document sitting on a desk against the wall. You’ll know you are in the correct room if you see all the sacks littered everywhere.

Document 16

Document 17: Val’s Journal Part 5

Crawl back up the window you came down, then hang a right to access the main street of this section of the game. Go forward beyond the first house to a second building, and again look for a tiny window on the ground, this time to the left of the locked door.

Inside the basement, push the handcart against the wall to reveal a secret room. The document is inside that room on a small table with a candle.

 Document 17

Document 18: Sundries From The Sinful World

Keep going down the main path until you see the building with the outside light on the left side and the sort of indoor “garage” type area on the right that leads up to the generator. Head up two flights of stairs on that side until you are right by the generator room and you’ll see this document sitting on the work bench.

This one offers a little levity in an otherwise horror-focused game, as a clueless hillbilly has no idea what a certain genital euphemism means and would like some clarification on the subject…

 Document 18

Recording 15: Temple Gate

After getting the elevator working and escape Marta again, simply film the sign right after you walk out of the elevator for this recording.

 Recording 15

Document 19: Garden Note

To the left of the sign is a tree with a woman’s body slumped down on the ground. Next to the body is this latest note.

 Document 19

Recording 16: Hanged Jessica

When you enter another Catholic school flashback sequence, one of the hallways will show you when your old classmate Jessica hung herself. Record the incident before moving on to the next area.

 Recording 16

Recording 17: The Showroom

After going through the tunnel with the boards on the walls you will pop out in a room where someone is chained to a bed. Record the room to get this collectible.

 Recording 17

Document 20: Accept My Suicide

After the previous room you have to move along a small ledge. At the end of that section is a podium where this document is waiting.

 Document 20

Document 21: Gospel Duty

In the church basement is a large room with a wheelbarrow in one corner and a low table with a gas can. Across from the table is a door leading to a side storage room. This document is in that storage room on the bookshelf on the far wall.

Document 21

Recording 18: Why You Have To Die

Head to the upstairs section of the church to find a Sunday school class room area with desks and a chalk board. Record the message on the chalkboard for this recording.

 Recording 18

Document 22: Lesson Plan

On the very top floor of the church (above the classroom for the last collectible) is an attic section. At the far back end is a desk against the left hand wall where this document is sitting.

 Document 22

Document 23: A Letter To Mom

This one is in the courtyard outside the church (if you’ve got bandages to spare, you can reach it quickly from the previous document by jumping out the window and off the roof). Near a tree and the fence corner is a stroller holding this document.

Document 23

Document 24: Knoth’s Gospel Chapter 10

After pushing the cart to leap the gate, go just beyond the crazy preaching lady with the knife into the open workshop area to find this document sitting on a bench near the anvil and fire.

 Document 24

Document 25: Temple Gate Act Of Contrition

On the left hand side of this area of the town is a series of long wood walkways. The corner section that has a cross and a series of wood stairs leading down is where you want to go to find this document sitting on a pedestal.

 Document 25

Document 26: Val’s Journal Part 4

After using a cart to jump a wood gate (and having to shake off Marta in a cut scene), run forward up the hill and go inside the first building on your right. In the room to your left is a bookshelf you can push out of the way. This document is on the floor in a ring of branches and near a pool of blood.

 Document 26

Recording 19: The Chapel

Head back outside and down the main road until you see a woman hanging from a pole to your right. On your left looms the chapel up ahead. Record from here in the street to get this collectible.

 Recording 19

Document 27: Rest These Bones

From the previous recording, instead of going to the bridge towards the chapel, go through the small wood fence to your left and run down to the end to find a cemetery. The document is on a wood pedestal in front of the grave markers.

 Document 27

Document 28: From Nick To Knoth

Go back the way you came and cross the bridge to the chapel. Just inside the double doors is a table with a statue where you can find the next document.

 Document 29

Recording 20: Torture

In the large room right next to the previous document you’ll see a man chained to a wheel. Don’t film him yet, but rather hide in the confessional and then record him from out of sight. In a few moments the 20th recording will start being captured.

 Recording 20

Document 29: Knoth’s Gospel Chapter 2

During the “Find A Path To The Mine” objective you will enter a house where a woman is singing to a baby in her arms. Go into the next room to find this document sitting on a table near the window.

 Document 29

Document 30: Val’s Journal Part 2

Go through the window in the same room to head back outside, hop the fence, and then cross the courtyard to reach another house (a statue should be on your right along the way) and jump inside that building’s window. The document is on a table surrounded by branches.

 Document 30

Document 31: Knoth’s Gospel Chapter 1

Look for a large wood building to the right of an open gate. You can crouch down to climb under a broken door and get in another room with a bunch of candles where the next document is found.

 Document 31

Recording 21: The Abattoir

After walking by a dead cow and guy hanging upside down you can find the open entrance to the slaughterhouse. Film the hanging meat hooks for this recording.

 Recording 21

Document 32: To Marta, My Avenging Angel

Inside the slaughterhouse is a section where you can jump through a broken window to a room with two hanging cows and a desk against the wall. The document is on the desk in the corner.

 Document 32

Document 33: Outside Marta’s Chapel

After leaving the slaughterhouse and heading towards the mine you will see a wood staircase heading up. Before using the staircase look for a small podium just to the right to find this document.

 Document 33

Recording 22: A Game Of Hangman

At the very start of the next Catholic school flash back segment you will immediately see the wall covered in hangman scribbles — just start filming as soon as you pop in the room.

 Recording 22

That’s it — after a whole lot of searching you’ve now found all the recordings and collectibles in the Genesis chapter of Outlast 2! Assuming you checked out Part 1 first.

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