Outlast Trials: How to Recharge Rigs

Knowing how to recharge Rigs in The Outlast Trials can make the difference when it comes to passing a level.

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Your Rig ability in The Outlast Trials impacts your playstyle in ways that can make or break a trial, especially on later missions at higher difficulties. You don’t necessarily have to accept the cooldown as law, though. It’s possible to recharge Rigs manually during a trial, but you’ve got to know what to look for first.

Outlast Trials: How to Unlock Rigs

Before you can recharge your Rig, you need to acquire one. This part is simple enough as you unlock them when you reach Therapy Level 2. You’ll be able to purchase one of four Rig types by talking with the engineer, who can be found by following the red “Engineer” line painted on the ground.

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I chose the healing one first because it never hurts to have more ways to heal. As you continue to progress through Trials, you can purchase the other Rig types and upgrade them.

Outlast Trials: How to Recharge Rigs

You’re probably going to want to get some freebie recharges during a trial, and the only way to do this is to pick up a Rig Recharger and use it as you would a Battery. After you use your Rig, it’ll be on a fairly long cooldown. But if you use the Rig Recharger during this period, the cooldown will be reset and you can use it again.

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The Rig Recharger looks similar to Batteries, but it’s a bit bulkier and has fewer visible wires. If you’re unsure, selecting it from your inventory will display the item’s name.

Since items are randomized each Trial, there’s no way to list locations for where you’ll find Rig Rechargers. For more content on The Outlast Trials, check out our guides for how to customize your character or your cell.

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