The Outlast Trials: Can You Customize Your Character After the Beginning?

Does The Outlast Trials let you customize your character beyond the character creation in the beginning?

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When you first start with The Outlast Trials, you have the option to make a character, but can you customize your character after the beginning of The Outlast Trials? Although it isn’t necessary, Red Barrels put in multiple customization options to make your character and your cell feel like your own.

The Outlast Trials: Can You Customize After the Intro?

Yes, even after the beginning, you can continue to customize your character in The Outlast Trials. Not only that, you’ll find that you have additional options to change your clothing and equipment.

How to Change Appearance

You can change your appearance by interacting with the mirror in your cell.

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Your cell won’t be in the same location every time you load into the Murkoff Facility. But you’ll be able to find it by following the icon with a door symbol in it. My cell usually ends up being on the second floor, but a few times I’ve had mine on the ground level. You can also double-check that it’s your cell by checking the name above the cell door.

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How to Change Appearance

After you interact with the mirror, you’ll be taken to a screen that’s almost the same as the customization menu from the beginning. The only difference is that you have an increased number of options for customizing your character, but you’ll notice that these new options need to be purchased first.

Worry not, this doesn’t mean that there are microtransactions in The Outlast Trials. Instead, you can earn currency through simply playing the game. The Outlast Trials has recently entered its Early Access period, and as such, we’ll be working to add content as the game progresses to release and beyond.

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