Outriders Anomaly Power Explained

Crafting a top build in Outriders requires tapping into and increasing anomaly power. Here's how it works and how to boost it.

Crafting a top build in Outriders requires tapping into and increasing anomaly power. Here's how it works and how to boost it.

There are two ways to slay your enemies in Outriders: using your weapons or using your anomaly powers. Sure, filling regular adds and elites with bullet holes until they collapse into pools of carnage works for a time, especially with some of the rarest weapons, but impaling your foes on ground spikes from the Devastator or slicing a dozen feral creatures in half with the Trickster’s energy blade can be much more effective.

To get the most out of your anomaly powers, though, you need to understand anomaly power and how to maximize it. 

What is Outrdiers’ Anomaly Power?

Anomaly power dictates a stat called “Skill Damage Bonus. This is the additional direct damage dealt by your outrider’s special abilities and melee attacks. The higher your anomaly power, the more damage you will do with those types of attacks.

These bonuses only apply to damage dealt. Higher anomaly power does not increase any other aspect of your abilities. You cannot increase the duration or reduce the cooldown time of an ability or skill. Those are only augmented by mods and the “Cooldown Reduction” stat found on some armor.

How to Increase Anomaly Power

Increasing anomaly power is pretty straightforward. All armor has the chance to drop with an anomaly power attribute. Depending on your current anomaly power, this will either increase or decrease your overall AP stat. Any bonuses stack across multiple pieces of armor, giving you the chance to pick and choose your armor sets to best match your damage-dealing goals.  

There are also armor mods that can increase anomaly power in the right circumstances. 

Aura of Force applies a 10-second AP boost after critical shot kills; Critstack applies up to five stacks of anomaly power boosts after critical hits; and Power from the Ashes grants a bonus after killing enemies afflicted with ash, to name a few. Stand Tall is one of the best.

Overall, there are at least 13 total mods that feed anomaly power, some general for all classes and some class-specific. 

The final option for increasing anomaly power is in your character’s skill tree. Each class has certain upgrade nodes that can be activated to increase anomaly power, though the exact number varies depending on the specific class and branch you have chosen.

Each of the four class options has a specific upgrade tree that contains all of these nodes, so you will want to plan in advance if you intend to lean into these for increasing your Skill Damage. Luckily, if you’ve already put points into a certain branch but want to respec to another, you can do so at any time

Damage dealing abilities in Outriders are fun to use, especially when the carnage is enhanced by high anomaly power. If you plan out your skill tree, grab the right mods, and make deliberate armor choices to enhance this stat, then you can turn your outrider into a harbinger of super-powered destruction. If you’re looking for more tips on how to tame the hostile alien world of Enoch, then be sure to check out our other Outriders guides here 

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