Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds: Spectre Assassin Trickster

You're gonna want to get up close and personal with the Trickster, the riskiest and most rewarding class in Outriders Worldslayer.

You're gonna want to get up close and personal with the Trickster, the riskiest and most rewarding class in Outriders Worldslayer.

Outriders Worldslayer adds a bunch of new ways to tighten up your build synergy and power up your Outrider. From the PAX skill tree to Ascension pointsWorldslayer‘s new elements have shaken up the Outriders meta. If you are playing as the short-ranged specialist class Trickster, these are the best skills, weapons, and mods for the best possible build. 

The best Trickster builds primarily focus on boosting close-range shotgun damage with a secondary focus on increasing Anomaly power. With the new PAX perks available in Worldslayer, you will be able to double-down on the Trickster strategies you used in the base game, only now to greater effect. You’ll need those extra boosts to take on the grueling endgame gauntlet. 

Best Trickster Skills in Outriders Worldslayer

The first decision to make when tweaking (or building from the group up) your Trickster for maximum damage output and efficiency is to first choose the skills you will use.

Each class in Outriders lets you have three skills equipped at one time from the eight available to you. Remember that the skills you pick will determine which gear and skill tree paths will most benefit you. For the best post-game Trickster builds you will need to use: 

  • Hunt The Prey
  • Twisted Rounds
  • Venator’s Knife

Hunt The Prey lets you teleport behind an enemy for a tactical advantage and a moment to recover. This skill is paramount to playing Trickster.

Twisted Rounds is also an essential skill that allows you to increase damage output. The higher your anomaly power the more damage your Twisted Rounds will do.

For the third skill we recommend an offensive attack like Venator’s Knife, but find that Cyclone Slice and Time Rift are acceptable substitutes. 

Best Class Tree

When it comes to filling out your class tree in Outriders, min-max is the name of the game. You’ll want to put all your points in the Assassin path of the Trickster tree. This allows you to focus on abilities that boost your weapon and anomaly damage.

You’ll be mostly using a shotgun for this build, so try to especially focus on the nodes that boost your shotgun damage. The most important of the big nodes to grab are Shotgun Master, Disruptive Firepower, Outrider Executioner, and Bounty Hunter, as well as everything at the end of the Assassin tree. 

Best Trickster PAX Tree

The PAX tree is a Worldslayer addition that allows you to specialize your character even further. For this build, you’ll want to go down the Spectre path. The Spectral Strike ability is essential, as this it deals additional damage equal to 15% of your Anomaly Power. 

How to Spend Ascension Points

In terms of where to prioritize your many Ascension points, we recommend the Brutality tree. This allows you to put points into increasing your close-range and weapon damage output.

When it comes down to it, the Spectre Assassin Trickster is all about sticking to your shotgun, and never reloading or switching weapons. In the next section, we will explain exactly how to do so. 

Best Gear and Mods for This Build

More important than finding any one specific weapon or armor set in Outriders are the mods that come attached to them. Legendary and Apocalypse items are your best bet for loading as many modifiers onto one loadout as possible.

Mods come in two forms. They are either general and apply to your character as a whole, or they are tied to specific skills. You’ll need both. 

The general mods that are most essential to a TK Trickster build like this one will be ones that increase Close Range Damage and Cooldown Reduction. The best Skill specific mods are as follows: 

  • Instant Reload (Hunt The Prey): Teleporting instantly replenishes the magazine in your current weapon.
  • Strong Twist (Twisted Rounds): While the skill is active, increases weapon Firepower by an additional 20%.
  • Life Drain (Twisted Rounds): While the skill is active, killing shots heal you by 5% of your target’s health.

The first of these, Instant Reload, is the lynchpin to making this build work. One of the tricks of Twisted Rounds is that your enhanced bullets don’t end until you reload or switch weapons.

Instant Reload ensures you can keep the rounds flowing by using Hunt The Prey. The other two mods boost the life leech and strength of your Twisted Rounds, making them even stronger. Using all three of them in conjunction will make your Twisted Rounds unending and unstoppable. 

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