Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds: Techmonger Technomancer

Don't be fooled by the name, every piece of the Techmonger set will greatly boost your Technomancer's efficiency.

Don't be fooled by the name, every piece of the Techmonger set will greatly boost your Technomancer's efficiency.

Outriders Worldslayer brings a healthy amount of new upgrade options to the looter shooter. The addition of PAX trees that allow characters additional passive enhancements has completely changed the Outriders meta. If you’re playing as the defensive, long-ranged Technomancer class there are some crucial new abilities and mods that will change the way you play. 

The addition of a brand new Legendary armor set to the Technomancer class has created another optimal build. The Techmonger Technomancer focuses on boosting the damage of the class’s turrets. It is an easy build to underestimate but it is one of the strongest and most fun to play in the Worldslayer expansion. 

Best Technomancer Skills in Outriders Worldslayer

Since the Techmonger build is focused on maximizing the damage and status effect output on your turrets, you’ll want turret skills equipped. That means both the Technomancer’s Cryo Turret and the Blighted Turret. They are the heart of this build. Now for the third skill we recommend either of the following options: 

  • Cold Snap 
  • Tools of Destruction 

Pick one of these based on your mod loadout. Cold Snap can be a great crowd control tactic which never hurts, especially in co-op Outriders. But we find Tools of Destruction‘s versatility and massive damage output make it the best choice for the build.

The choice between minigun and rocket launcher makes it a more versatile skill than many, even if we think sticking with the minigun is the move 95% of the time. The skill has a slow cooldown time but that can be mitigated somewhat as we go along. 

Best Class Trees

Unlike most classes in Outriders, you don’t need to necessarily commit down one path to make this Technomancer build work. There are many beneficial traits you can gain by splitting the difference between the Tech Shaman and Demolisher trees. This means not getting to the traits at the end, which are usually among the best, but for this build it works out in your favor in the end. 

Between these two trees there are a handful of perks that will go hand-in-hand with the benefits of the Techmonger gear set. The first of these is Wipe Out, one of the most useful Technomancer passives overall. This makes enemies with under 30% health take more damage.

On the Tech Shaman Tree you’ll want to hit the one-two punch of Exposing Frost and Marked for Execution. Exposing Frost inflicts Vulnerable effects on an enemy whenever it is afflicted with Freeze. Marked for Execution is the same thing but for Toxic. These two in conjunction will ensure that every shot from both of your turrets will inflict Vulnerable. 

On the bottom Demolisher tree, we recommend going for the late-tree perk Emergency Transfusion. This will double your Skill Leech when your Health goes below 30%.

Best Technomancer PAX Tree

You’ve got some great options for a turret build in the Desolator section of the Technomancer’s PAX Tree. This will give you Lethal Devices, which adds Toxic to all ordinance and Gadget skills. At the end of the tree, we recommend choosing Dissection, with will deal 5% more damage to an enemy for every status effect it has inflicted. 

How to Spend Ascension Points

Since status effects are so important to this build, you’ll want to commit your Ascension Points to the Anomaly section. Status Power, Anomaly Power, and Anomaly Damage are the three you should prioritize maxing out first. 

Best Gear and Mods for Technomancer

You’ll want to find as much of the Techmonger Legendary Set to make the most of this loadout. The set bonus for wearing 3 or more of these pieces of gear is that using Turret skills increases turret damage by 10%. The bonus lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.

The best mod bonuses from individual pieces of the set come from the Techmonger’s Headgear, which doubles the fire output of your Cryo Turret and adds a knockwave to your Blighted Turret, and the Techmonger’s Vest, which increases the damage output of both turrets.

If you are putting Ascension Points in Status Power, the Boots are great but they are the least essential overall. Otherwise, the Techmonger’s Leg Armor boosts damage against enemies afflicted with freeze, while the Gloves act likewise for Toxic. 

In terms of weapon mods, you should prioritize Legendary and Apocalypse tier weapons that increase your Status Power. Any good weapon with mod Omen is also a great choice, since that is a powerful Bleed dealing ability. When considering making the most of the PAX perk Dissection, having another status effect in your back pocket is always a good idea. 

If you want more details on all the best character builds in Outriders Worldslayer, check out our page dedicated to helping you with the game. 

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