Outriders Worldslayer: Weakness and Vulnerable Effects Explained

Weakness and Vulnerable are very similar sounding status effects in Outriders, but there's one key difference.

Weakness and Vulnerable are very similar sounding status effects in Outriders, but there's one key difference.

If you are jumping into Outriders for the first time with the Worldslayer expansion, you’ll find a good deal of information to ingest. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the numerous status effects and modifiers on the weapons and gear you find during the Outriders Worldslayer campaign.

Learning what the various status effects do is one of the first things to learn about Outriders, as they are very important to building your character.

An early stumbling block for new players trying to quickly dip into the game, without spending most of their time in the menus, is figuring out the difference between the Weakness and Vulnerable status effects. Knowing the difference between these two similar sounding modifiers will help you properly build your character around the correct attributes and skills. 

Weakness and Vulnerable Effects Explained

The key difference between the two status effects is one impacts the recipients damage taken while the other impacts damage dealt. 

Enemies inflicted with the Vulnerable status taken an increased amount of damage from attacks. Enemies inflicted with Weakness will have their damage output significantly muted, with a 30% reduction in damage dealt as long as the status effect lasts.

Both of these effects can also be cast on the player by enemies, which is another important reason to know the two apart. The base stats on these effects are as follows: 

  • Vulnerable: Lowers defense by 25% for 10 seconds.
  • Weakness: Lowers attack by 30% for 6 seconds.

Obviously, you can equip weapons and armor in your arsenal that can boost each status effect in some way or another. But if you really want to take the most advantage of these effects its worth looking at the skill tree ahead for your class. 

If you are playing the Trickster class, building down the Harbinger path of the skill tree will lead you to a skill that will greatly boost your Weakness effects. With the crucial Atrophy skill, Weakness afflicted on enemies lasts 30% longer. The Trickster skill Wither Scything gives your melee a Weakness effect. 

If you are playing Technomancer, you will be need to build towards the Tech Shaman specialization in order to be a master of the Vulnerable effect. The skill Marked for Execution makes it so Vulnerable afflicted on any enemy is 40% more effective. 

Using these tips you will be mastering these powerful debuffs with your character in no time. If you want more useful tips and tricks on Outriders Worldslayer make sure to visit our dedicated guides page

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