The less stressful route from Chersonese to Levant in Outward, through Berg.

Outward: How to Get to Levant (and Berg) from Chersonese

The less stressful route from Chersonese to Levant in Outward, through Berg.

I liked the cut of Yzan’s jib at the start of the game, so like anyone wanting to separate themselves from their ties to the past, I set out for Levant after taking care of business in Chersonese. You know, bandit and troglodyte eradication business.

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You may also have a terrible memory and forgotten Yzan’s directions to get to Levant, which is totally normal.

If you’re wondering how to get to Berg to train or join the Blue Chamber, this guide will also help you out as the city is en route to Levant.

Levant Roadtrip!

I put an exclamation point so it seemed more fun and whimsical than it really is. Honestly, getting to Levant is a pain.

Should you take on the task of trekking it out to Levant, you’ll be going through the hostile Enmerkar Forest and the blistering heats of the Abrassar Desert, a locale as unwelcoming as it sounds. It’s a difficult and time-consuming trip, but I rathered my first solo character head out there than follow Rissa or join the Holy Order.

First things first. For this trip, you will need seven Travel Rations on-hand. You need Travel Rations to travel between zones:

  • 3 Travel Rations to travel from Chersonese to Enmerkar Forest
  • 4 Travel Rations to travel from Enmerkar Forest to Abrassar Desert

Of course, this isn’t taking food you’ll actually want to eat into account. Make sure you have a dish or two on-hand or even just some Gaberries to munch on. You’ll also need Travel Rations to continue to move about regions, so it may be in your best interest to have 14 Travel Rations instead.

You can open your map in Chersonese and see two paths out of the area all the way east. One goes to Hallowed Marsh and the other to Enmerkar Forest.

You can get to Enmerkar via Hallowed Marsh, but it requires clearing a particularly difficult area, and I just do not recommend it so soon in your journey. We’re going straight through Enmerkar.

Getting Through Enmerkar to Abrassar

Enmerkar Forest can be a little scary if you haven’t had the displeasure of traversing Hallowed Marsh yet, but you don’t have to fight anything to make your way through.

(I forgot to take a screenshot of the Enmerkar map, I’ll get that next time I’m over there and add it here.)

Within the area is the city of Berg, which you will want to stop at on the way. Not only is it an actual city, it’s the easier route to follow through the region.

Head through and make your way to Berg.

If you’re looking for Berg, this is your stop. Congratulations! But if you’re heading to Levant, you’ve still got some traveling to do.

Once inside the city, take care of your business. Be sure to leave through the exit marked in the image below.

From here, you’re going to attempt to follow the road to the path to Abrassar. It’s a little tricky, but keep an eye out for the stairway pictured below. Once you make your way all the way up, the path should be to the left down some stairs (if I recall, I may have to update this part next time I walk over there).

Make a Run for It

Once you’re in Abrassar, you’re racing east against your increasing body temperature to reach The Heroic City of Levant.

Ideally, you’ll have something to help keep your body temperature down like Needle Tea or heat-protective clothing, but as you mad dash across the desert you’ll be able to pick up Cactus Fruit to eat along the way. Eat one as soon as you find a cactus. You can make it without any cooling items, but I highly recommend eating at least a Cactus Fruit to stay on the safe side.

Unless you’re prepared for the heat, all you’re doing in the region is running east towards Levant. You’ll see it on the horizon soon enough; do not dally, just run.

With this all said and done, you should reach the city without much incident. I initially stumbled around Hallowed Marsh for a while before realizing getting to Enmerkar Forest via that route with what I had on-hand was just not an option. Save yourself the trouble and take the more direct path through Enmerkar, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

I’m still writing a few Outward guides. If this one helped you out, maybe share it or one of my other guides for the game with friends.

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