You don't have to scrape up 150 Silver to pay off that Blood Debt in Outward. You can actually finish it in a matter of minutes.

Outward: How to Pay Your Blood Debt Off Quickly

You don't have to scrape up 150 Silver to pay off that Blood Debt in Outward. You can actually finish it in a matter of minutes.

Anyone who’s spent even a few minutes in Outward can tell you the game is brutal, and possibly that they can’t finish the very first quest, which demands they pay off their Blood Debt.

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There are a few options available for paying off your character’s Blood Debt, but one method stands above the rest in terms of time and effort spent. That’s right: There is an easy way to pay off the debt.

The game allows you a lot of freedom in regards to how you complete tasks. This first quest is just a taste of the sorts of options you’ll have as you push forward, but for many players, it’s overwhelming to try to figure it out. 150 Silver or a Tribal Favor, which is easiest to get?

Getting a Tribal Favor, of course.

There are a few ways to get a Tribal Favor, but we’re just going to cover two ways to complete the most convenient method.

(Note: I’ve heard you can get locked out of this method of acquiring a Tribal Favor if you wait too long, so be sure to do it ASAP.)

How to Get a Tribal Favor and Pay Off Your Blood Debt

The first question you have to ask yourself is: Do you want the easy way or the easier way?

The easier way requires no real effort on your part, but nets you no guaranteed items that will help you early in the game. I don’t recommend this method the first time you play.

The easy way requires only a little effort, and there are a ton of useful items to obtain on the way.

For first time players, or even those just starting a new save game, the easy way is the ideal option.

The only thing you actually need to do this is one Bandage. You can buy one from Shopkeeper Doran in Cierzo if you don’t have one. Both of these routes lead to the same destination.

For either method (or any playthrough you’re not trying to pay the Silver), I highly recommend spending some of that Silver you have on-hand at the start of the game to buy a Nomad Backpack Shopkeeper Doran from in town. It only costs 25 Silver, and it’s worth it.

The Easier Way to Pay Off Blood Debt

Once you’re able to leave Cierzo, hang a right and follow the path all the way down to the beach.

At the beach, keep an eye out for Pistol Shrimp. Pistol Shrimp have a long-range lightning attack you probably aren’t prepared to deal with right at the beginning of the game.

Look for the cluttered spot in the image below, where you’ll find a man who has taken near-fatal damage from one of the Pistol Shrimp.

Give the man a Bandage, and he’ll return your kindness with a Tribal Favor.

Once you have it, return to Cierzo and talk to Rissa in the house on the hill across from your lighthouse.

The diamond marker south of the lighthouse on the left is Rissa’s location.

Your Blood Debt will be paid, and you can now play without any silly time limits.

Easy, right? Now how about something a little better

The Easy Way to Pay Off Blood Debt

As mentioned, this is probably the ideal option.

Just like with the “easier” method, ensure you have a Bandage on-hand or two Linen to make a Bandage. (Honestly, I don’t remember if there are Bandages found in Cierzo Storage.)

Instead of fulfilling the requirements and leaving Cierzo, you can take an alternate route out of town through Cierzo Storage.

  • Come all the way down from the hill your lighthouse is on
  • Immediately turn left to see the dock and doorway you must go through

  • Go through the door the cliffs at the far end of the dock to enter the item-packed Cierzo Storage

Make your way through the cave and pick up everything you can along the way. You’ll find a variety of tools (such as a Pickaxe) and other items throughout the cave as you push through.

You will come across a ledge at the end of the cave; do not turn back. Jump down the ledge and head out of the cave entrance ahead to find yourself at the beach.

Once at the beach, head forward until you find the very same spot pictured in the above section. Give the man a Bandage, and you’ll get your Tribal Favor. Go back and talk to Rissa, and you’ve finished the quest.

It’s not hard to see why this is the better method of the two, considering the useful items kept in Cierzo Storage. If you’re especially lazy and don’t care if you get a bit of a headstart, though, the “easier” method is definitely an option.

This is certainly not the last of our Outward guides. If you found this one useful, keep an eye out for further advice for new adventurers to the unforgiving trials and tribulations found in the wilds of Outward.

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