Overwatch 2: Possible Fixes For Unexpected Server Error Occurred

If you can't log into the Overwatch 2 servers, here are two things you can try, though you're mostly at the mercy of the game's server capacity.

If you can't log into the Overwatch 2 servers, here are two things you can try, though you're mostly at the mercy of the game's server capacity.

Overwatch 2 is out now on various platforms, and because it’s F2P, its servers are jammed with new and returning players alike. If you’ve tried to jump into the game at launch, you may have encountered the “Unexpected Server Error Occured” message, which kept you from logging in and taking part in the action. 

This Overwatch 2 guide will attempt to provide two possible fixes for the bug. However, these aren’t guaranteed to work. Rest assured, though, that Blizzard is working to remedy the issues, and once the server problems get fixed in the coming days and weeks, you should have no problem connecting to the game.

Change Your Server Location

One of the first — and easiest  things you could do to get around the error message is to change the location of your server. All players have access to three types of server locations in Overwatch 2. Here’s how you can change them:

On PC:

  1. Start Battle.net app.
  2. Select Overwatch tab.
  3. Select “Overwatch 2” game version.
  4. Click the “Globe” icon next to version selection.
  5. Switch to one of the three available servers:
    • Asia.
    • America.
    • Europe.

For example, if you typically play on the America’s server, and you get the unexpected server error, then switch to either Asia or Europe, and try to connect once again. Keep in mind that this will change the playerbase you compete against. 

There is a large chance that one of these servers will let you in. Although you may also lose some of that latency speed, you will still get the chance to play Overwatch 2 early on.

Restart Your Internet Connection

Outside of the above option, this is always the go-to when you have connection issues. Simply restart your router, wait for it to reset, and try to reconnect to the Overwatch 2 servers (you may need to completely unplug your router, as well). PC players can also try to reboot their connection as an admin:

  1. Press the “Start” button.
  2. Type in “CMD” in the search bar.
  3. Start the command line app.
  4. Type in: ipconfig, and press Enter.
  5. Copy the IP address from the “Default Gateway” line.
  6. Paste the IP address into your internet browser and press Enter.
  7. Log in using “admin” as both your login and password.
  8. Go to “Management” tab.
  9. Press the “Reboot” button.

After the reboot, you can try to log in to the game; if there is no response or you continue to receive the error, wait for a bit and try again later. Unfortunately, that’s about all you can do right now since the issue is more server-side than client-side. Hopefully, this “unexpected” error will get eliminated sooner rather than later. 

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