Learn how to use Hanzo's new Storm Arrow ability against other heroes in this quick guide to Overwatch.

Overwatch Guide: How to Use Hanzo’s Storm Arrows

Learn how to use Hanzo's new Storm Arrow ability against other heroes in this quick guide to Overwatch.
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The latest patch for Overwatch PTR replaced the infamous Hanzo ability — Scattered Arrow. Now the bow master will be able to use a brand-new type of arrows — Storm Arrows.

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Instead of scattering the damage around, it will give Hanzo a chance to shoot six charged arrows in fast sequence. In combination with his new Leap ability, the Storm Arrow becomes highly efficient against tanks.

If you want to know how to play with Hanzo’s new ability, then follow the guide below.

How to Use Storm Arrows in Overwatch

Since the speed of the arrows has been increased from 85 to 100, Hanzo can now deal a lot more damage than before.

Each arrow deals 80, which equals 480 in total. However, if you can manage headshots, then each arrow will deal 160, which totals 960 damage, which is way more than Scattered Arrow could ever do.

This means that you can kill Tracer with one, single headshot. Otherwise, you can deal six bodyshots to Orisa or Zarya and kill them that way. If Orisa activates armor, you can still kill her with a couple of headshots.

But what about Reinhardt? Sure, he can’t be killed only with six bodyshots, so you’ll need to manage at least one headshot after five consecutive bodyshots. If your aiming is way off and you’re not doing well with headshots, then simply use melee attack on him after the full Stowm Arrow ability has been used.

The same strategy can be used against Winston. And if he activates a shield, then one fully charged Storm Arrow will be able to remove it. The same goes for D.Va and her mech.

The rest of the heroes will go down as quickly after 3-4 consecutive shots. This means that Hanzo’s new Storm Arrow ability is very efficient if you have great aim.

Try to get used to the new Storm Arrow ability so you will be able to kill quickly and efficiently, and for other Overwatch guides at GameSkinny, check out the following links:

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