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Paleo Pines: How to Tame Dinosaurs

Here's how to tame dinosaurs in Paleo Pines.

Paleo Pines is full of cute dinosaurs to befriend. The relaxing farming RPG is a refreshing take on the genre and gives you the ability to tame the dinos as your helpers. In this guide we’ll go over how to tame dinosaurs to bring them back to your farm.

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How to Tame Dinosaurs in Paleo Pines

You’ll receive your first dino, Lucky, right away. However, you’ll quickly learn that the world of Paleo Pines is full of other dinosaurs to meet and befriend. You’ll have access to taming once you reach day three of the game. You’ll receive a flute, and tame dinos with musical melodies.

Each dinosaur has a unique taming song called a Friend Call, and you’ll need the play song with your Flute for the dinos. Here’s the exact process for taming a dino:

  • Unlock Flute on day three of the Game.
  • Get Poppins from Pippin in Pebble Plaza.
  • Select your flute from your inventory.
  • Equip the flute.
  • Approach a dinosaur.
  • Play the Yoohoo sequence (x1 red, x1 red, x1 red).
  • The dinosaur will sing it’s Friend Call to you, repeat it back.
  • Play the dinosaur’s Friend Call until you get an approach.
  • Upon approach, you’ll see a new befriend meter appear in the bottom right.
  • Get dinosaur’s meter to the green zone by feeding and soothing.
    • Feed the dino a preferred food to increase the meter.
    • Soothe the dino to decrease the meter.
  • Once in the green zone, select Befriend.
  • Feed the dino a Poppin.
  • Once the dino ‘trusts’ you, pet the dino.

How to Play the Flute Minigame to Tame Dinos

Your Flute will play color-coded notes that you’ll need to sychronize to a dino’s Friend Call. Notably, there are three different note durations — x1 Ring, x2 Ring, x3 Ring. You’ll notice the additional rings around some of the notes. You’ll see that your melody bubble increases in size as you hold down the action key. Your melody bubble can inflate up to three times, so release the action key once it’s reached the first, second, or third size to match the dino’s note.

You’ll lead a tamed dino back to your ranch. Bring it to a pen and play the ‘This is Your Home Now’ melody (x1 blue, x1 blue, x1 blue) for it to become a resident of your farm. Additionally, you’ll need to obtain a pink crystal Dreamstone from the valley of Paleo Pines for your new dino. The Dreamstones act as a bed for the dinos, and each dino will need their own to maintain happiness levels.

Well, that does it for how to tame a dinosaur in Paleo Pines. Stay tuned with us for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our Paleo Pines guides hub here.

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