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Palia: Can’t Change Wallpaper Bug Fix

If you're haunted by wallpaper you can't change in Palia, here are some fixes.

Home customization is one of the main ways we get to express ourselves, and that cathartic feng shui can be thrown off if our wallpaper bugs out, consistently reverting to another version. After some trial and error, here are the potential fixes if you can’t change your wallpaper in Palia.

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Potential Wallpaper Bug Fixes in Palia

Right now, there are a couple of different issues affecting wallpaper in Palia. Through some research (and personal experience, unfortunately), players have reported that:

  • Wallpaper keeps reverting, especially when connected to another room.
  • Wallpaper can’t be changed because a limit has been reached.

Reverting Wallpaper Bug Fixes

When it comes to designing the perfect house, you’ll often have rooms of various sizes connecting to one another without a hallway between them. This seems to be causing an issue when trying to change wallpapers. Initially, the colors or pattern will update, but upon reloading into your home plot or going into that room, the wallpaper will be back to the original style.

Some things you can do that have worked for other players are:

  • Put the room into your inventory or storage, then place it again. This has worked to “reset” the feature.
  • Put a hallway along the wall with the affected (stuck) wallpaper. The hallway may work as a buffer, allowing the design to remain updated.
  • Restart the game. Sometimes, a simple restart is all you need to eliminate a bug.
Palia home plot with Harvest House
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Wallpaper Can’t Change Due to Build Limit Reached Fix

There have been various issues with the build limit since the game’s beta launch. From porches being counted as full rooms to rooms getting counted multiple times, the build limit has been a struggle for those dedicated to crafting the perfect home. Since this has been an ongoing problem, there are only a couple of things we can try.

  • Reload into your home plot. Sometimes, reconnecting to the server can fix any issues. This has worked for me.
  • Restart the game.

If none of the above solutions work for either wallpaper issue, post “asking for help” in the official Discord. There’s a tech help channel made specifically for problems that arise that may be solved quickly. IT wizards are on standby (most of the time) to immediately help with any problems you may have, including the build limit error. This also acts as a ticket system for developers to look into items further if they can’t be fixed by the Discord team.

Those are the potential fixes for being unable to change your wallpaper due to various bugs or glitches in Palia. For more on customization, like different furniture sets, how to finish quests to get unique items, or where to find specific fish, check out our guides hub.

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