Palia Controller Support Details

Most cozy games have controller support, but what about Palia?

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Controller support is an expected feature within the life and farming sim communities, and cozy MMO Palia is no exception. While the dev team at Singularity 6 has done a good job at including accessibility features, as well as a character with a prosthesis, controller support is a major feature for various gamer communities. Here are all the controller support details we know for the current PC version of the game.

Controller Support in Palia

Controller support is currently on the content roadmap as one of the things the team is working on, but the game doesn’t have full controller support on PC yet. While you can still use a controller to a degree, it doesn’t have full functionality yet. If you do need or want to play using a gamepad, you’ll need to turn to third party software or settle for bouncing between controller and keyboard and mouse.

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With the recent 0.166 update, the community hoped that controller support would be implement in that patch. However, there are still no features listed under Gamepad Settings in the settings menu. A specific date wasn’t included in the content roadmap, so we can only guess when controller support could be added to the game.

Those are all the details on controller support in Palia on PC. As soon as information on this feature is released, like a confirmed inclusion date or a more detailed content roadmap, we will update this piece with those details. In the meantime, you can check out our Palia gameplay guides, including quest walkthroughs, fish locations, or how to make leather.

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