Palia Flow Tree Guide: How to Find and Chop Flow Trees

The magic evergreens of Palia revolve around a unique mechanic. Here's how to find and chop Flow trees.

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Flow is the magical energy of Palia. Flow trees are enchanted evergreens infused with it, giving the wood special properties. Used in crafting, asked for during quests, and the focus of Foraging weeklies, cutting down them down is a community pastime. Here’s how to find and chop Flow trees in Palia.

How to Find and Chop Flow Trees in Palia

How to Find Flow Trees

Flow trees are a rare forage item, but unlike other rare forages, they’re pretty easy to spot. The base of any size magic tree will glow purple due to the Flow inside the wood. They appear throughout all areas except your home plot. You’ll frequently find them in these areas in Bahari Bay:

  • Old Lighthouse
  • Proudhorn Pass
  • Thorny Thicket
  • Statue Garden

Dowsing Rod

If you’re really having a hard time finding Flow trees, you can always craft a Dowsing Rod. Its recipe is unlocked at level eight of Foraging for 2,500 gold. To make it, you’ll need:

  • Coral x6
  • Ceramic x10
  • Flint x5

If you don’t want to craft it, or can’t find the materials, then you can buy it for 50 Skill Coins once you hit Level 10 in Foraging.

The Dowsing Rod locates rare Foraging resources like Heat Root, Dari Cloves, and Flow Trees. Leaves will pop up on your UI that point you to nearby rare items. It doesn’t show you what the item is, but you’ll have something pointing the way if a Flow tree is close.

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How to Chop a Flow Tree

While a magic tree isn’t anything new, the way to chop it down is. You’ll see after you chop into your first Flow tree that the health bar regenerates rather quickly. Flow trees heal themselves and require at least two people to chop them down. This is in addition to needing the correct axe or greater to cut through the tree in the first place.

  • Makeshift Axe: Chops small trees
  • Standard Axe: Chops medium trees
  • Fine Axe: Chops all trees
  • Exquisite Axe: Chops all trees faster

The community has started putting notifications in server chat when they find a flow tree. Typically when you get there, you can hit the tree once to ensure you get the loot when it comes down. I’ve been in groups of over eight people chopping at a single Flow tree.

That’s how to find and chop Flow trees in Palia. You can often find them while wandering, but using the dowsing rod can help if you need large amounts of Flow-Infused Wood. For more on Foraging resources, where to find fish, or how to complete quests, check out our magical Palia guides hub.

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