Palia: Gardening Layout Guide

To get the most out of your garden in Palia, you want to utilize companion planting to the fullest potential.

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Gardening in Palia is big business, able to net you thousands of dollars in produce with little input. You can sell the crops as is, cook them for Focus, or toss them in a Preserve Jar. Having different layouts results in different plants being boosted, or high quality crops in your harvest. For those that need help with the best layouts for certain buffs, here’s our gardening layout guide for Palia.

Gardening Layout Guide for Palia

In order to maximize your nine plots, you’ll need to get acquainted with the companion planting system present in the game. Utilizing the buffs given by various crops, your garden can stay watered, free from weeds, and producing excess harvests, without even lifting a finger. Depending on what you want growing, there are a number of different layouts you can implement.

Thankfully, the Palia community has come up with various planners to help you design your garden. I found the easiest to use is the Palia Garden Planner by .aisen. Just plug in what you want to grow and it determines what buffs end up where. There are even trackers at the bottom showing what percent of the plants are effected by what boost.

Community Designed Layouts

This is my personal layout, which focuses on water retention and weed prevention. These are the two things that stop plants from growing. If you don’t check on your plots, they won’t grow unless these items are taken care of. I often forget to return to my home to water my plants, so keeping them growing are my highest priority when it comes to companion planting.

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Layout by Sir Bubu

This layout earns almost 4,000 a day, but requires a little more work. Since not all the crops are effected by water retention buffs, you’ll need to water your apple trees before 6 a.m. Palian time to ensure they all grow the next tick. You’ll have plenty of apples for jams, and potatoes to pickle.

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Layout by Shepp Anitsirhc

The following layout is perfect for the beginning gardener. It doesn’t include any higher level fruit crops, and it grows a bit of every crop available in the early stages of the skill. You can probably change out a couple of rice or wheat spaces to corn, but you’ll still need to maintain your plots against weeds. Having each plant growing allows you to complete any of Kenli’s Friendship Quests much easier.

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Layout by Junimogalaxy

Having a growth boost to reduce harvest times is a sound strategy for increasing income. This layout utilizes that along with 100% water retention and harvest boost. There’s no weed prevention so you’ll still have to be on the lookout for that pesky knapweed.

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Those are some functional and efficient gardening layouts for Palia. You can find these layouts in the community layout hall of fame, where you’ll also find more options. Whether you’re looking to grow all the different varieties, or simply want to make the most money, there’s a layout that will work for you. For more on the different skills, check out our guide hub.

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