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How to catch bugs in Palia – All Bug Locations

Whether they fly, jump, scuttle or wiggle you can catch them in Palia.

Catching critters is a mainstay of the farming simulation genre, and Palia is no exception. Selling captured insects is an easy way to build up gold at the beginning of the game, and it remains a good, reliable way to bring in the cash as your homestead grows. Insects are common Weekly Wants and are required for quests — or you can keep them in your home if you fashion yourself an entomologist. Here’s how to catch bugs in Palia.

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How to Catch Bugs in Palia

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Auni is your bug-catching partner in Palia. When he firsts visits your plot, he gives you the basic smoke bombs and the belt needed to start. Speaking with him again brings you into the Bug Catchers Club and starts a quest to capture some insects.

  • Equip your belt and choose which bomb you want to use with the RMB.
  • Initially, you only have the smoke bomb, but others will unlock as you level up the skill. At higher levels, you can use candles with different smoke effects.

When you find one you want, take aim by holding the LMB, then click to launch your bomb. Aim slightly above the insect instead of at the ground. This is especially helpful when trying to catch grasshoppers or praying mantis, as their jump will render the bomb inert.

  • When hit, a small area of smoke will appear with an angry red mark above the bug.
  • If it works, stars will show around it as it remains still.
  • You can proceed to pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Not all bugs will get stunned with just one bomb. Some will need multiple bombs, whether you launch them or someone else does. This is especially true for rare critters or those of star quality. To tell if an insect is star quality, look for ones with a shimmering aura.

Insects aren’t the only thing you can catch with your belt and bombs. You may have seen crabs and snails running away from you while exploring the coastline of Bahari Bay. These creatures can also be caught by stunning them with a bomb. Even if they’re in the water the bombs will work.

Where to Catch Bugs in Palia

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Bugs can be caught in Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay but aren’t found in your plot area. Grassy areas are especially prolific when it comes to finding insects, as well as the Family Farm. If you don’t see them right away, they’ll react and show an exclamation mark above them, so keep looking. Much like chapaa, you only have a limited time to stun them before they disappear.

When Do Insects Appear in Palia?

Different critters will come out depending on the time of day. Some appear during the day, while others appear at night. In addition to the time of day, certain insects only show themselves after being dislodged from their homes. The Bahari Bee, for example, is found when cutting down trees. Here’s the list of bugs and crabs, their rarity, where they’re found, and when you can hunt for them.

All Location Insects

  • Common Blue Butterfly (Common): Any time.
  • Spotted Stinkbug (Common): Any time.
  • Kilima Night Moth (Common): Dusk, Night.

Kilima Valley Insects

  • Brushtail Dragonfly (Common): Any time.
  • Common Field Cricket (Common): Night.
  • Duskwing Butterfly (Uncommon): Day.
  • Garden Leafhopper (Uncommon): Any time.
  • Garden Mantis (Uncommon): Any time.
  • Garden Millipede (Uncommon): Any time.
  • Proudhorn Stag Beetle (Uncommon): Any time from mining.
  • Firebreathing Dragonfly (Rare): Day.
  • Golden Glory Bee (Rare): Any time from cutting trees.
  • Gossamer Veil Moth (Rare): Night.
  • Princess Ladybug (Rare): Day.
  • Raspberry Beetle (Rare): Any time.
  • Spotted Mantis (Rare): Dawn.

Bahari Bay Insects

  • Ancient Amber Beetle (Common): Any time from cutting trees.
  • Bahari Crab (Common): Day.
  • Cerulean Cicada (Common): Dawn on trees.
  • Common Bark Cicada (Common): Any time on trees.
  • Paper Lantern Bug (Common): Night.
  • Bahari Bee (Uncommon): Day from cutting trees.
  • Garden Ladybug (Uncommon): Any time from picking flowers.
  • Garden Snail (Uncommon): Any time.
  • Inky Dragonfly (Uncommon): Any time.
  • Lunar Fairy Moth (Uncommon): Night.
  • Spineshell Crab (Uncommon): Day.
  • Azure Stonehopper (Rare): Any time.
  • Bahari Glowbug (Rare): Night.
  • Brighteye Butterfly (Rare): Day.
  • Hairy Millipede (Rare): Night.
  • Leafstalker Mantis (Rare) Any time.
  • Scintillating Centipede (Rare): Any time from mining.
  • Spitfire Cicada (Rare): Day on trees.
  • Stripeshell Snail (Rare): Dawn, Day.
  • Vampire Crab (Rare): Dusk, Night.
  • Fairy Mantis (Epic): Any time.
  • Jewelwing Dragonfly (Epic): Any time.
  • Rainbow-Tipped Butterfly (Epic): Day, Night.

That’s how to catch bugs in Palia. From a common butterly to the epic Fairy Mantis, you’ll be able to find all the insects in the game. For more skill walkthroughs, quest tips, or how to earn gold quickly, check out our Palia guides hub.

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