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Palia: How to Complete A Bouquet of Sunshine

Here's how to gather Sundrop Lilies and complete A Bouquet of Sunshin in Palia.

Ashura is a former military man and owner of the Ormuu’s Horn in Palia. As you get to know him better and reach Friendship Level 2, he gives you the quest A Bouquet of Sunshine. Asking you to gather flowers for his deceased wife’s grave, this quest is an endearing look at Ashura’s life before you appear in Kilima. Here’s how to Complete A Bouquet of Sunshine in Palia.

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How to Complete A Bouquet of Sunshine in Palia

To complete A Bouquet of Sunshine in Palia, you’ll need to gather Sundrop Lilies and place them on Sabine’s grave.

This quest starts when you hit Level 2 in Friendship with Ashura. He briefly describes his wife, Sabine, and their relationship. It turns out it’s time to honor her memory by placing a bouquet of Sundrop Lilies on her grave marker, as they were her favorite flower. He’s too busy to go out and do it himself, what with running the inn solo now. While he doesn’t explicitly ask you to do this task in his stead, that’s exactly what this discovery quest’s goal is.

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Where to Get Sundrop Lilies

The first part of the quest is to get five Sundrop Lilies. You can head right out of the village in any direction and find grassy areas with them all over, so gathering what you need shouldn’t take too long.

Remembrance Offering: Where to Find Sabine’s Grave Marker

Once you have the lilies, you want to go to the Remembrance Garden southwest of the village. Find Sabine’s grave marker and leave the flowers. The easiest way to find it is by standing directly in front of the main altar. Sabine’s grave is immediately to your left. You’ll see the interaction to drop the flowers when you get close to the spot where you burn incense.

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After placing the flowers, you can make your way back to Ashura. Since he didn’t ask you to place the flowers for him, he’s quite touched by the act. Talking with him finishes the quest. As a reward, you get:

  • Sapwood x100
  • Heartwood x100
  • Renown
  • Increased Friendship with Ashura

That’s how to complete the friendship quest A Bouquet of Sunshine in Palia. For other tips, check out the rest of our game guides if you need help locating fish, bugs, solving the riddles in Open the Door, and more.

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