Palia: How to Complete A Century in the Making

A Century in the Making is a quest with a surprising end in Palia. Here's how to complete it.

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A Century in the Making is a found item quest in Palia. Triggered by discovering something in a pile of dirt, the mission leads you through an interesting bit of lore. While it doesn’t pertain to anything else currently, it could hint at something in the future as the game progresses through beta. Here’s how to complete A Century in the Making in Palia.

How to Complete A Century in the Making in Palia

There are two parts to this quest. Below, we’ll cover both parts, from how to start it to how to complete it. We’ll also cover the rewards you get for doing so. In short, these are the steps you’ll need to complete. I go into greater detail below.

  • Go under the bridge to Bahari Bay to find a glowing dirt pile.
  • Take the Century Egg to Reth in town or underground.
  • Find a second glowing dirt pile near the lighthouse.
  • Find Reth again, and give him what you’ve uncovered.

A Century in the Making Walkthrough Part 1

As a found item quest, the first step to finishing A Century in the Making in Palia is actually starting it. Go to the bridge that leads to Bahari Bay. Instead of crossing it, go under it. You’ll find a shimmering dirt pile that you can interact with, which contains a packaged item and starts the quest.

The first task is to open the package and see what’s inside. Thankfully, we can’t smell the stinky surprise that’s unveiled, but it looks disgusting. With it in hand, you’ll need to deliver it to someone. If you’ve talked to Reth enough times, he’ll have mentioned something known as a Century Egg, where a bit of food is buried and then dug up at a later time. He just happened to forget where he buried his treasure, though it seems we just found it.

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Head to town and confront Reth about the smelly snack. You can find him working at the tavern during the day, at Jel’s in the evening, or in his storeroom. If he’s not shown on the Kilima Valley map, then he’s in the Underground.

Speaking with Reth turns into an amusing conversation depending on the prompts you pick, but you learn that in Bahari, there’s a special recipe for Century Egg that a restaurant has held secret. He was trying to crack the code, but it seems he still needs more time. And something to wash his mouth out with.

Finishing the quest earns you:

  • Reth’s Lettuce Soup x1
  • Renown +5

A Century in the Making Walkthrough Part 2

You didn’t think Reth would just give up on a culinary masterpiece, did you? The second part of A Century in the Making starts by finding another dirt pile. This one is in Bahari Bay near the base of the Old Lighthouse. You’ll find the pile right near a geyser on the eastern side of the lighthouse area.

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Opening this package is a far more pleasant experience. The item inside actually resembles an egg. We already know who’s handy work this is, so find Reth and give the egg back. He thanks you for returning it and promises you a sample portion. Now, you just have to wait for the mail he’ll send you.

Getting a letter from Reth completes A Century in the Making Part 2. You’re rewarded:

  • Reth’s Century Egg x1
  • Renown +5

You’re now able to buy Century Egg from the register at the tavern. It costs 200 gold and grants 150 Focus.

That’s how to complete A Century in the Making in Palia. For more found item quests and how to complete them, head to our guides hub. We also have item location guides, how to craft certain things, and how to romance those single villagers.

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