Palia: How to Complete Fishing For Answers

The Fishing for Answers quest in Palia has you doing just that.

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The quest Fishing for Answers in Palia is the story of two lighthouse keepers. A tale of love lost, you’re set on a path of discovery to learn what happened to the lovers, and you’re going to be doing some fishing to do just that. Here’s how to complete Fishing for Answers in Palia so you’re not left with a broken heart.

How to Complete Fishing for Answers in Palia

The quest begins when you read a book in the Lighthouse of Bahari Bay. It’s located on a table to the right when you enter the ground floor of the lighthouse. You need to read all the entries in order for the quest to be added to your journal.

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From there, you’re tasked to find and read three letters in a bottle from Faadhil. Head to the docks below the lighthouse to fish. Don’t use any bait when trying to reel in the messages. You should reel them up back to back. When you get one, you can continue to fish or you can stop to read the message. I waited until I had caught all three bottles before reading.

The bottles appear similar to wine bottles in your inventory, with each taking up a separate slot. Reading the messages portrays a heartbroken Faadhil desperately trying to reach Jabarii, a former lighthouse keeper.

Letter One


I wish there were some way I could tell you I regret what I said, that I never wanted to make you leave. Please come home. I miss you.

With all my love,


Letter Two


When I watched your ship depart, every fiber of my being longed to see you return to our lighthouse. My post may be re-assigned. Please come home soon.

I am sorry, and I still love you,


Letter Three


My tenure at this lighthouse is about to end, and I am being relocated to Akwinduu. But I cannot leave knowing you are still so far away. I will wait for you one last time, every second until I am dragged away, at our spot, where we shared our first box of chocolates. As I take in the view of both the aqueduct and the entire bay, I will watch for you on the horizon.

I long to see you smile again,


Before being sent off to a new assignment, they are waiting where the couple first ate a box of chocolates. That location is the next goal of Fishing for Answers. Head to the cliffs across from the lighthouse. I glided over, stopping at the ruined column in between before launching myself again. This helped getting up the cliff faces easier. You’re looking for the dirt pile on the side opposite the tree.

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Interacting with the pile reveals a letter left by Jabarii for Faadhil. It reads:

My Dearest Faadhil,

My days at sea have put our earlier argument into perspective. What sadness passed between us then is nothing compared to the loneliness I feel now. Sunny beaches hold no meaning without you at my side.

I received your letter. Soon, I will seek you in Akwinduu, but just in case, I am leaving a message here, too. Please accept this gift as my own apology.

I am coming home.


Along with the letter is a care package that contains:

  • Box of Chocolates
  • Heartdrop Lily
  • Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring

That completes the Fishing for Answers quest. Along with the goodies left behind, you’re awarded 10 Renown. The ring is listed as a piece of junk that sells for 300 gold. I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it so I stashed it away for a rainy day. You’re also left with the four letters in your inventory that can’t be sold. You either have to stash them or destroy them.

That’s how to complete the found item quest Fishing for Answers in Palia. If you’re looking to complete other found item quests, such as The Great Human Bake-Off or The Old Coin, check out our expanding guide vault. We also have skill walkthroughs, where to find foraging resources, or what each villager is requesting for their Weekly Want.

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