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Palia: How to Complete Prove Your Purpose

Eshe tasks you with proving Majiri values before granting you citizenship in Palia.

As magistrate of Kilima Village, Eshe is in charge of approving citizens in Palia. Newly materialized and trying to make a home for yourself, you’re seeking approval to become an official Palian. She comes with a variety of tasks you need to complete to show you’ll be an asset to the village. Here’s how to complete Prove your Purpose, which is one of those tasks in Palia.

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How to Complete Prove Your Purpose in Palia

When Eshe finally visits your home plot, she congratulates you on improving it. But before you can be granted citizenship in Kilima, she requires you to pass a number of tests. One of the tests is to Prove Your Purpose, ensuring you can positively impact the community and embody the Majiri virtue of purpose.

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You need to level up a skill to level four to prove your purpose. It can be any of the skills, there isn’t a specific one mentioned for this quest. Foraging and mining could be close to this level already from having to create stone bricks and sapwood planks for your foundation. By the time I actually finished my foundation I already had a skill at level four. I was able to immediately complete this quest as soon as Eshe finished talking about the Majiri virtues and tests.

If you’re having trouble leveling up some skills, check out our Palia guide hub for walkthroughs on fishing, cooking, bug hunting and companion planting. We also have guides on how to find tree seeds, make leather, or walkthroughs for other quests.

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