Palia: How to Find and Catch Channel Catfish

If you're struggling to find a Channel Catfish in Palia, here's how to get one.

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Channel Catfish is a Weekly Want and liked item for Delaila in Palia. It’s also liked by Einar, and the star-quality fish can be used when completing a friendship quest for Elouisa. Catching one, however, can be difficult, requiring the proper bait and location. Here’s how to find and catch a Channel Catfish in Palia.

How to Find and Catch Channel Catfish in Palia

Channel Catfish Location

Channel Catfish is an uncommon creature that can be found in Kilima Valley Rivers at any time. The easiest area to angle for it is behind the Ormuu’s Horn on the docks found there. Other areas that count as a river in Kilima Valley are:

  • Phoenix Falls
  • Whispering Banks
  • South of Mirror Fields

Which Bait to Use

To catch a Channel Catfish in Palia, you actually won’t use bait! Using bait will attract other fish instead. It seems this bottom feeder prefers an empty hook instead of one covered in worms.

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How to Catch a Channel Catfish

If you’re having a hard time reeling in a catch, there are a few things you can do to increase your success:

  • Equip the Minor Health Boost accessory.
  • Eat Fish Stew before fishing.
  • Take Fisherman’s Brew before fishing.
  • Fish near other players.

The above increase your health bar or safe zone so you can easily reel things in.

Along with increasing your success rate, if you’re looking to only catch Channel Catfish, there’s a brief moment when it first bites to when you need to reel it in before escaping. During this moment, you can see what the fish is, such as a Silver Salmon instead of your target Channel Catfish. Let any unwanted aquatic critters escape, then reel in your line and cast again. You’ll potentially have a new one bite the hook without having to spend time reeling in the previous one. If you don’t recast, the fish you previously saw will be the one that bites next.

Channel Catfish Price

If you were hunting the Channel Catfish for an achievement, you might just want to cook it or sell it after it’s caught. It can be used to make Fish Stew or Grilled Fish for a focus boost. If you sell it outright, it will net you 47 gold. If it’s star-quality, that bumps up to 70 gold.

That’s how to find and catch a Channel Catfish in Palia. If you’re looking for other fish locations or what bait to use, check out our full fishing skill walkthrough guide. For help with other skills, quests, or how to befriend villagers, give the rest of our guides a look.

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