Palia: How to Get the Macaron Recipe

If you're looking for a dessert that isn't pie or cake in Palia, Macaron is your answer.

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Macaron is currently the only dessert recipe in Palia that doesn’t revolve around cake or pie. Obtained during a quest, it needs just a few items to create. A fluffy, cream filled dish, it’s easy to cook once you know the recipe. Here’s how to get and cook the Macaron Recipe.

How to Get the Macaron Recipe in Palia

The Macaron recipe is given during the found item Great Human Bake-Off quest. To begin the Great Human Bake-Off, you need to investigate a shimmering dirt pile near the entrance to the Flooded Fortress. When you dig up is an old grocery list that’s somehow survived the elements for who knows how long. The list shows up in your inventory bar but that doesn’t start the quest. You need to read the list to get it added to your journal.

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Once you’ve read the list a quest task to talk to someone about it pops up. While I thought Dalila or Reth would be suitable prospects to decipher it, the marker actually points you to Hekla. If you’ve chatted enough times with Jina you’ll have learned that Hekla was made to care for human children, which seems to include baking them sweet treats.

Speaking with Hekla reveals the list contains the ingredients for Macarons. Macarons in Majiri cultural are an exotic dessert made with rare ingredients. However, based on the ingredients you found Hekla gives you a simplified Macaron recipe that humans would’ve used.

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Cooking the Macaron Recipe

Your next task in The Great Human Bake-Off is to make your own Macarons. To be able to craft the recipe you’ll need two Mixing Stations. The ingredients needed are:

  • Flour x1
  • Egg x1
  • Milk x1
  • Sweet Leaf x1

Besides the Sweet Leaf, the rest of the components can be purchased at Zeki’s store. The cooked Macaron gives 225 Focus for the regular version and 337 Focus for one that’s Star quality. The regular Macaron sells for 31 gold, while the Star version gets 46 gold.

Returning to Hekla to report your cooking success completes the quest and nets you some Renown. That’s how to get and cook the Macaron Recipe in Palia. For all recipe locations, head over to our guide hub. We’ve also got all fish and bug locations, how to craft other items, and various quest walkthroughs.

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