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Palia: How to Get to the Obstacle Course

Platformers unite as the Obstacle Course challenges your jumping skills in Palia.

If you’re looking for some platforming action in Palia, you’ll want to head to the Obstacle Course. A side feature of the game, it features different challenges you must climb through. It’s not located somewhere out in the open, however. Here’s how to get to the Obstacle Course in Palia.

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How to Get to the Obstacle Course in Palia

The entrance to the Obstacle Course can be found in the Black Market under Zeki’s General Store. In order to access it, you’ll need to reach Friendship level two with Zeki, and complete the quest you receive. Entrances to the market can be found in the sewer grate near Remembrance Beach or through the bookshelf in Zeki’s shop.

Once you get into the market, you want to find the arcade machine that’s between the claw machine and a boiler. It appears to be turned off, unlike the other arcade machines in the market. When you get close to it, you’ll see The Tower pop up. Use F to interact and it’ll portal you to the beginning of the course.

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How to Clear The Obstacle Course

The course itself is built out of blocks of ruin stone and random items found throughout the game. Namely, you’ll be platforming across a variety of Tish’s furniture designs. You’ll also be climbing up terraces, so you need to keep an eye on your stamina bar. Unfortunately, there are no waypoints in the middle of the course. If you fall, you start at the beginning again.

For those that don’t find platformers all that enjoyable, like myself, there are some perks to suffering through it. Scattered between the furniture items are treasure chests containing Zeki Coins as well as Found Letters. I’ve found one chest so far, but no letters, so I can’t say what the contents will be.

That’s how to get to the Obstacle Course in Palia and a little about the course itself. For more on the game, such as quest walkthroughs, how to raise someone’s Friendship, or what villager’s Weekly Wants are, check out our guide library. I promise no platforming will be required.

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