Palia: How to Get Tree Seeds

Whether you need seed for Prove Your Devotion or just want to harvest your own Apples, here's how to get them in Palia.

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Being able to grow trees is a fairly common task in life or farming simulation games. It’s the same in Palia. However, tree seeds, especially those of wild variety, can take longer to acquire than in other games. If you’re looking to start up an apple orchard or just want to repopulate some of the timber on your plot, you’ll need to know how to get tree seeds in Palia.

How to Get Tree Seeds in Palia

Where to Find Wild Tree Seeds

You can get wild tree seeds randomly through the mail as a gift, but for the most part, you’ll need to do some legwork to find them. Chopping larger trees, like those found throughout Bahari Bay, will have a small chance to drop one. The larger the evergreen, the better the drop chance. Using a Fine Axe is necessary to cut down these larger trees, and ultimately, it’s an exercise in determination that requires a little bit of luck.

If you’re planting trees for Hassian’s Prove Your Devotion quest, don’t accidentally cut them down when planting them before the quest is complete. I did that, and now I have to find three more seeds instead of two. If you only want a few saplings on your plot, it’s easier to cut down all the ones you don’t want before planting any for Prove Your Devotion.

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How to Get Apple Seeds

Apple Seeds are easier to obtain than their wild kin, with two primary methods.

  • Buy from the Gardening Guild Shop
  • Make seeds using the Seed Collector

Purchase Apple Seeds

The Gardening Guild Shop has Apple Tree Seed available for sale. However, you need 280 Skill Coins to buy them. You start earning Skill Coins once you hit Level 10 in that skill and by completing related challenges.

Make Seeds from Apples

The Seed Collector is essential for any gardening-focused player who wants more income. Using this crafter, you create seed packs out of your produce, including apples. Each pack of Apple Tree Seed needs 10 apples to make, so you’ll need a decent harvest before you can make the seeds. Processing the apples will take almost two and a half hours to complete, which is a hefty investment. I suggest having a separate Seed Collector just for the seeds that take longer to process.

How to Request Seeds

All seed types can be asked for thanks to the Palia Request system. Head to the social menu (O) and click on the shop icon. There you’ll see requests other players have made. Click on the second tab to put in your own request for Acorns, Pinecones, Maple Seeds, or Apple Seeds. If someone is feeling generous, they can fulfill the request for you.

That’s how to get tree seeds in Palia. Growing trees are more of an advanced crop and take much effort to gather seeds for. The end result is sure to be worth it. For other item locations, where to find specific bugs, or who you can romance, check out all of our Palia guides in our game hub.

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