Palia: How to get Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels are great gifts for multiple people in Palia.

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Wagon wheels are a highly liked item by some villagers of Kilima in Palia. Whether it’s a weekly want or gifted just because, giving it to Jina, Kenli, or Nai’o will earn you some friendship points. But how do you find these relics of days gone by? Here’s how to get Wagon Wheels in Palia.

How to Get Wagon Wheels in Palia

Technically, a Wagon Wheel is categorized as a piece of junk that can get caught in your fishing line. Since it’s asked for as a weekly want, it’s a good idea to stock up on them when you get them rather than selling them off. It can be reeled in at Kilima Lake as well as all rivers. This includes the following locations:

  • Phoenix Falls
  • Whispering Banks
  • Behind Ormuu’s Horn
  • South of Mirror Pond Ruins
  • Flooded Fortress
  • Proudhorn Pass
  • North of Statue Garden

Many players have noted increased success on finding Wagon Wheels when finishing along Whispering Banks. I’ve found most of my Wagon Wheels from behind Ormuu’s Horn.

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In addition to the locations, you can get Wagon Wheels when using no bait or regular worms. Having a glow worm on the line won’t get you any closer to obtaining this item. Frequently, I’ll have the line in searching for a fish to fulfill a different weekly want and a Wagon Wheel will float up instead. If you’re purposefully hunting for it, though, stick with no bait as catching the item still causes a worm to be used.

That’s how to get Wagon Wheels in Palia. Whether on purpose or by accident, fishing in rivers of Kilima and Bahari Bay are where you’ll obtain it. For other item locations, such as heartwood, silk thread, or various fish, check out our expanding guides hub.

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