Two Bluebristle Muujin stand near a waterfall.
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Palia: How to Hunt and Kill Bluebristle Muujin

The rare Bluebristle Muujin is difficult to hunt in Palia. Here's how to kill it.

The rare beasts of Palia each have their own magical abilities that make them difficult to hunt on their own. However, you’ll want to for some nice rewards. Found in Bahari Bay, this is how to successfully hunt the Bluebristle Muujin in Palia.

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How to Hunt and Kill the Bluebristle Muujin

Muujin love being surrounded by trees and shrubbery, giving them plenty of hiding opportunities should a predator give chase. In Bahari Bay, this means you’ll find them scattered throughout Thorny Thicket and the Outskirts. The largest amount of them I’ve seen, including the magic Bluebristle Muujin, is right to the east of Tamala’s house near the waterfalls.

Like the other rare beasts you can hunt, your target has blue and white coloring, specifically on its mane. Its body is a dark gray color, which can be easily confused with the Banded Muujin.

Tips and Strategies for Hunting Bluebristle Muujin

When it comes to hunting Muujin in general, they’ll run away and scamper into a tree to hide if alerted. Track them to their hiding spot, then cut it down. They only climb medium-size to large-size trees, regardless of wood type, so you don’t have to worry about them going into a tree you can’t chop down. It’s best to have at least two people hunting Bluebristle Muujin, one with an axe and one with a bow aimed at the trunk.

A Bluebristle Muujin tries to hide in tree.
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If you can get your target into a confined area with no trees, you’ll be able to take them down easier. They can’t climb ledges or cliffsides, so they won’t jump between areas. I found the best place is right below the upper waterfall. It’s confined, often spawns Bluebristles, and you can chop all the trees down.

Bluebristle Muujin Hunt Tactics

You always want to hunt the rare creatures with Dispel arrows to nullify their abilities. If hit with a normal arrow, the magic Muujin will turn invisible. This is extremely annoying and can lead to them escaping, but thankfully, there are a few ways around it.

  • Use Slowdown Arrows: The trail they leave behind still shows, so you can aim for where it begins.
  • Look for the “shimmer”: While invisible, there’s a blur effect where the critter is, similar to that used in movies.
  • Listen: When a Bluebristle Muujin is close to you, you’ll hear the sound of it running. This will at least give you an idea of where to focus.
  • Pay attention to trees: Even though you can’t see it, you can still see the debris they cause when climbing a tree. Take note of this, as it’ll return to normal when the tree is chopped, giving you a chance to hit it with the magic arrow.
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I found that a combination of Dispel and Slowdown arrows was the most effective at taking out the rare wolf. Even if you have these, you’ll want to hunt them with a group. Trying to take one out on my own caused me to use over 20 Dispel shots, and took over two minutes. It’s difficult to cut a tree down and then switch to your bow in time to get a well-aimed shot in.

The easiest it was to kill a Bluebristle was with a group of five or more people. Four aim at the trunk while someone chops it, leaving the others with clear shots. Even if you only cut down the tree, you’ll still get credit for the hunt and be able to collect the loot.

How to Farm Muujin Kills with Flow Trees

Since Muujin climb, there’s a special mechanic that triggers when they hide amongst the branches of a Flow Tree. The magic of the Bluebristle mixes with the Flow. When chopped, you’ll have at least triple the number of the rare wolf than you had before. I was in a hunting group that had a single creature go up and six come down. The effect is to duplicate it, giving you more opportunities to score rare materials. This is a great way to farm them if you can chase one into a Flow Tree.

Bluebristle Muujin Loot

All Muujin drop Muujin meat and fur when slain. When you’ve killed a magic wolf, however, you’ll have a chance to score the Bluebristle Muujin Mane, as well as star-quality meat. If it’s the first one you’ve hunted and you already took out the others, you’ll also get the Kilima Hunter’s Mounted Muujin trophy and complete the Muujin Hunter accomplishment, which rewards 15 Renown. If you had a star-quality mane drop, you’ll earn another 15 Renown for completing Mane of Honor accomplishment.

That’s all you need to know when it comes to hunting and killing Bluebristle Muujin in Palia. For more on magic in the world, Starstones, or where to find foraging resources, check out our guides hub.

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