Palia: How to Use Large Shiny Pebbles

Here's what to do with Large Shiny Pebbles and any other ones you come across in Palia.

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There are a variety of shiny pebbles that you’ll find throughout Palia, including the Large Shiny Pebble. Pebbles are labeled as quest items, but they often end up sitting in storage with no known purpose. What quest are these associated with? This is what to do with Large Shiny Pebbles in Palia.

How to Use Large Shiny Pebbles in Palia

The main use for any shiny pebble is as a gift to Einar. He’ll take the large shiny pebble and be extremely excited. Often he describes what the rock’s color reminds him of, which can be quite weird. In fact, any of the shiny pebbles that you can find can be gifted to the Galdur fisherman. You’ll get 5 Renown and increased Friendship for the gift.

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Pebbled Plunder Accomplishment

The reason pebbles are tagged as quest items is they’re part of the Pebbled Plunder achievement. In total, there are 10 different shiny pebbles in Palia:

  • Blue Shiny Pebble
  • Green Shiny Pebble
  • Large Shiny Pebble
  • Lumpy Shiny Pebble
  • Orange Shiny Pebble
  • Purple Shiny Pebble
  • Red Shiny Pebble
  • Small Shiny Pebble
  • Smooth Shiny Pebble
  • Yellow Shiny Pebble

Giving Einar eight of the 10 different types of pebbles earns you the Pebble Plunder accomplishment. He’ll give you Einar’s Adornment, which resembles a drift wood wind ornament. You’ll also receive 30 Renown. There’s a small story associated with the achievement, which I won’t spoil here.

That’s the use for the large shiny pebble in Palia. Give it to Einar for a boost in friendship as well as work your way towards completing the Pebble Plunder Accomplishment. For more on building friendship, who to romance, or villagers weekly wants, check out our Palia guides. We promise no waterlogged boots or fishy fragrance will be present.

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