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Palworld Early Access Details: Release Date, Price, and Platforms

Get ready to tame new creatures as Palworld launches Early Access.

PocketPair is finally gearing up to release its creature-tamer game, Palworld, into Early Access this January. The multiplayer title features over 100 Pals you can capture, as well as base-building and epic boss battles. Here are all the details on Palworld’s EA launch, including release date, price, and platofrms.

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Palworld Early Access Release Date and Price Details

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for your chance to catch cute Pals, your time has come. Palworld will release in Early Access on January 19, 2024. I know I’m super excited to get my hands on some sheep and chickens, and if I can’t have them in real life, at least I can have them here. I mean, just look at this Palworld trailer.

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How Much Will Palworld Cost?

The team at PocketPair has revealed in a recent FAQ the EA price will be $29.99, regardless of platform. This is only the EA cost, which will go up when Palworld has its full launch down the road. Players who already own it at the time of 1.0 will get upgraded for free. If you’re even remotely interested in the game, this is the time to invest your money.

Additional questions from the community concerning monetization, in-game purchases, and cryptocurrency have also been addressed. The only charge will be to obtain Palworld, and there are no in-game items you can buy. It’s not a Web3 or Crypto based game, either. Yay for no micros!

All Palworld Early Access Platforms

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Even though the monster tamer is launching in Early Access, it will be available on more platforms than PC. You’ll be able to play Palworld on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Game Pass when it launches on January 19. But will it be on PS5 or Nintendo Switch?

There’s no mention of those platforms listed on the official Palworld website, and no announcements about it heading to PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. They also confirmed in the FAQ that PlayStation isn’t a platform they have in the works. This can all change once Early Access is underway, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Palworld Early Access Crossplay and Multiplayer

As a multiplayer game, you can join three of your friends to build the best base, tackle difficult bosses, or breed the cutest Pals around. If you want to play with more than just three people, you can create a dedicated server to play with a max of 29 players. With that said, crossplay won’t be available at launch. It’s on the list to be added as soon as the devs work out the kinks.

If you don’t want to play with others, you can play Palworld solo and offline. This is great for those who work at different times than others, prefer single-player games, or have intermittent internet issues.

I know I’ll be starting solo before heading to multiplayer, myself. Thankfully, if I host my own world, I can use the same character between my single and multiplayer sessions. However, if I want to hop into someone else’s server, I’ll need to have an additional character created. The team has this on their to-do list of features, as well.

Palworld Early Access Content Roadmap Details

Some games entering Early Access or open beta often put out a roadmap for this development phase. So far, there hasn’t been any information on how long it’ll be before the full game is ready or what we may and may not have access to during this stage. From what I’ve uncovered, the whole game (in its current form) should be playable with no restrictions.

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In addition to having access to all content, there hasn’t been any word on what will be added as Early Access continues. An announcement may be made closer to January 19, or just after, that contains more information. We’ll have to wait and see if a roadmap will be made available.

That’s all we know about Palworld Early Access, including its release date, price, and the platforms it will launch on. Stay tuned for more about the game as we inch closer to catching our first Pal.

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