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Party Animals Controls Guide: All Controls Listed

A list of all combat controls in Party Animals for the forgetful and tutorial-adverse.

You need to know how to maneuver in Party Animals to competitively haul coal, fight over arcade machines, and knock enemies out in any of the game’s maps and modes. Considering only 20% of its Steam players have completed the tutorial, there are plenty of people you could clobber just by knowing the game’s controls. This Party Animals control guide is meant to be a companion article if you’ve forgotten them or just don’t want to pause the action.

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Party Animals Controls Guide: All Controls Listed

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There aren’t a ton of maneuvers to wrap your head around in Party Animals, but there are enough that it can be hard to keep track when you’re new to the game and just trying to get by. There’s more than punching and drop kicking! But luckily, not that much more.

We’ll be listing them all here for keyboard and mouse (KBM), as well as each controller type, in case you’re using a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch Pro controller on PC. Most actions use Stamina. You can see your Stamina bar surrounding your character’s portrait at the top left of the screen.

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  • Run
    • KBM: Left Shift (Hold)
    • Xbox: LT (Hold)
    • PlayStation: L2 (Hold)
    • Switch Pro: ZL (Hold)
  • Grab
    • KBM: Left mouse (Hold)
    • Xbox: RT (Hold)
    • PlayStation: R2 (Hold)
    • Switch Pro: ZR (Hold)
  • Drop Weapon
    • KBM: F
    • Xbox: RT (Double tap)
    • PlayStation: R2 (Double tap)
    • Switch Pro: ZR (Double tap)
  • Jump
    • KBM: Spacebar
    • Xbox: Y
    • PlayStation: Triangle
    • Switch Pro: X
  • Climb
    • KBM: Left mouse (Hold) + Spacebar
    • Xbox: RT (Hold) + Y
    • PlayStation: R2 (Hold) + Triangle
    • Switch Pro: ZR (Hold) + X
  • Throw
    • KBM: Left-click (Hold) + Right-click or J
    • Xbox: RT (Hold) + X
    • PlayStation: R2 (Hold) + Square
    • Switch Pro: ZR (Hold) + Y
  • Punch
    • KBM: Left-click or J
    • Xbox: X
    • PlayStation: Square
    • Switch Pro: Y
  • Kick
    • KBM: Right-click or K
    • Xbox: A
    • PlayStation: X
    • Switch Pro: B
  • Dropkick
    • KBM: Spacebar + Right-click or K
    • Xbox: Y + A
    • PlayStation: Triangle + X
    • Switch Pro: X + B
  • Headbutt
    • KBM: Middle mouse button or L
    • Xbox: B
    • PlayStation: Circle
    • Switch Pro: A
  • Roll
    • KBM: Left shift (Hold) + Middle mouse button or L
    • Xbox: LT (Hold) + B
    • PlayStation: L2 (Hold) + Circle
    • Switch Pro: ZL (Hold) + A

Important Notes on Party Animals Controls

  • To grab weapons like tennis rackets and lollipops, you’ll need to align yourself with the handle and grab. You have three attacks available with a weapon in your hands: one with the Grab button, a lighter hit with the Kick button, and you can use your Headbutt.
  • You must grab something to throw it. Throw works on players and objects but not on weapons.
  • You can perform a Heavy Punch by holding Run and pressing Punch.
  • You can perform a Running Dropkick by holding Run and pressing the above combinations (Jump, then Kick).
  • You can perform a Headbutt while doing most maneuvers, including while you’re holding weapons.
  • You can only use Roll while running. Otherwise, you use a Headbutt.

That’s it for our Party Animals controls guide. It takes some practice to move and attack efficiently, but you’ll probably find that you can do well in most lobbies just by knowing how to play. Look for more Party Animals guides on GameSkinny.

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