Payday 2 Ultimate Edition combines all the DLCs into one package, confusing many steam users.

Payday 2 DLC Not Available? Here’s How to Fix It.

Payday 2 Ultimate Edition combines all the DLCs into one package, confusing many steam users.

Over the weekend, Payday 2 got a lot of new players due to a free giveaway. Many of these new fans wanted to buy DLC content, only to visit the Steam Store and see a message that the DLC is not available. Confused, these players took to the Steam forums and flooded with questions about why they couldn’t purchase the DLC for this action-packed heist game.

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Turns out the answer is pretty simple. Here’s the rundown of the issue and how you can fix it — if you can fix it at all. 

Why is the DLC unavailable for Payday 2?

The developers of Payday 2 are compiling all the game’s DLCs into an Ultimate Edition bundle, which currently costs $45. As such, all the DLCs are only available through this bundle. So if you try to buy them individually, they’ll show up as unavailable. If you own any of the DLCs, though, you will get a discount off of the full bundle. 

What If I Bought a Payday 2 DLC and It’s Not Working?

This is an easy fix. Look on the CRIME.NET section in the game. There should be a contract broker on the bottom left. Then go to Elephant and look for Election Day. Your DLC should be installed without manually installing it. 

Still not working?

Try verifying your game cache. You do this by right clicking your game, going to Properties, clicking the tab titled Local Files, and then choosing Verify Integrity of Game Files…

Steam should then make sure all the files are properly installed, and a patch will be queued to fix the ones that were wrong. This often solves the issue so you can access your DLC via the CRIME.NET method above. 

If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling the game completely. It’s a pain, but worth it if you finally get to play that DLC.

That wraps up our guide for figuring out why you can’t get to your DLC of choice! Check out the rest of our Payday 2 guides here on GameSkinny if you want extra help and troubleshooting tips for the game.

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