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Payday 2: The Big Score vs. Crimewave Collection — Which Is Better?

Let us compare The Big Score vs. Crimewave Collection in Payday 2 and see which is better and more worthwhile.

With the huge surge of players in the new sequel, even Payday 2 is gaining some popularity again. Whether due to the current issues with Payday 3 or a wish to experience previous parts of the franchise, there’s currently a lot of interest in Payday 2’s game bundles. That said, the various editions of the game have caused some confusion on which is the best bundle. Therefore, in light of comparing The Big Score vs. Crimewave Collection, which is the better Payday 2 edition?

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Which is Better in Payday 2: The Big Score vs. Crimewave Collection

If you’re thinking of buying and getting into Payday 2, you have a few options on how to access the game. You can get just the base version or some of its many DLCs as well. Some of us at GameSkinny have played a lot of Payday 2 back in the day and even we couldn’t believe how many DLCs there are. That’s why Overkill created the Crimewave Collection and The Big Score editions to bundle them up in one package, two in this case. So which is better?

Well, to clear some confusion let us outline which edition provides what:

  • Crimewave Edition – This is the base console version of the game priced at $20.
  • Crimewave Collection – This is a bundle of 20 DLCs without the base game priced at $30.
  • The Big Score DLC Pack– This is another bundle without the base game with 10 DLCs priced at $40.
  • The Big Score Game Bundle – This is a packet with the base game and The Big Score DLCs priced at $50.

With this in mind, if you already have the Crimewave Edition base game, getting the Crimewave Collection for all DLCs is a better deal. These DLCs can add new characters, guns, and cosmetics to enhance your gameplay both mechanically and cosmetically. That said, even the base game of Payday 2 has plenty of features so DLCs aren’t a must-buy.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the base game, feel free to mix and match bundles as per your preference. Note that the Crimewave Collection has more DLCs than The Big Score DLC pack but the TBS Game Bundle comes with the base game.

We hope we have helped you determine which is better in Payday 2, The Big Score vs. Crimewave Collection. Payday 2 truly is a great online co-op game that withstands the test of time so you can’t go wrong either way. You can find more of our guides on the game here and also feel free to check out our Payday 3 guides here if you’re playing the new one.

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