Payday 3: Afterparty Trophy and Achievement Guide

Here's how to complete the Afterparty trophy and achievement in Payday 3.

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Payday 3 has plenty of difficult challenges, whether it’s through certain heists or the emergent gameplay. Some of the hardest are relegated to achievements, requiring you to go out of your way to meet demanding requirements. This guide will cover our tips for the Afterparty trophy and achievement in Payday 3.

Payday 3: Afterparty Trophy and Achievement Guide

Payday 3 Afterparty Tips

How to Unlock the Afterparty Trophy and Achievement

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To unlock this trophy/achievement, you’ll need to finish Rock the Cradle after surviving four full assaults on Very Hard or above. This could come naturally if you’re not used to the difficulty or start on loud immediately. For most players though, this will require them to take their time and hold out against additional waves.

Play with a Group

Although this is possible to achieve solo, it’s a lot easier with a group. The AI bots are far less effective at higher difficulties, and you’ll just naturally have better chances with people. We do recommend attempting this with a preset group as well since it’s a tough sell to convince randoms to stay longer than they need to.

Stealth Part of the Heist

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It might seem tempting to just start the heist loud, and that certainly is an option, but the process is easier if you’re willing to stealth most of it. You can control how much work to handle during the assault waves. More importantly, you’ll also be able to find a comfortable room to hold out in.

Don’t take this to mean you should only bring a build consisting of stealth skills, though. The Afterparty achievement does require you to go loud, after all. We recommend having a player or two take on the quieter roles. Alternatively, simply invest in a few stealthier skills in one of your loud builds.

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Huddle in a Room with Hostages

Keeping hostages with you is a fantastic way to make the cops a lot less aggressive. They’ll approach more cautiously and might just switch to secondary weapons, too. Any Naders will keep from shooting gas grenades near the hostages as well. Staying in a room with some is a great method to make this all easier.

Destroy the FBI Van if it Appears

If the FBI Van spawns, you absolutely need to stop it. One of the worst things to derail your Afterparty trophy attempt will be the endless FBI assault wave this van brings. Unfortunately, the chances of this spawning do increase on harder difficulties, especially after a couple of waves.

Simply run out and shoot the white dish on its roof to end the FBI assault phase and revert it back into a typical police assault. If there’s a group playing, this can be accomplished by just one or two players.

Submit Your Last Bag of Loot After Four Waves

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It’s imperative that you don’t meet the heist’s loot requirements before the four waves. Doing this will trigger the “Final Charge” where they throw everything at you until you go down. This is an endless wave, so starting this too early will ruin your chances of getting the achievement.

If you managed to do this in stealth, you only need to turn in the crypto wallet. Once you’ve acquired it, go loud and keep it on you. If things went loud too early, you’ll need to break into their vault and leave with their cash. Feel free to turn in most of the bags except for the ones that would meet the requirements. Only turn in the minimum amount of loot once the four waves have passed.

Keep the above tips in mind, and you’ll be adequately prepared for the Payday 3 Afterparty trophy and achievement. If you need help with even more difficult achievements, check out our Spec Ops guide. Everything else related to this co-op heister game can be found in our PD3 guides collection.

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